Awards for municipalities

Baden-Baden, Brühl, Dornstadt, Engen, Fellbach, Köngen, Karlsruhe, Lahr, Stuttgart and Ulm - these Baden-Württemberg municipalities and their local One World initiatives were honored on November 29, 2017 for their special commitment in the New Stuttgart Palace .

With their activities during the One World Days in September and October, they showed that everyone can do something for fairer life chances worldwide. The award ceremony on November 29, 2017 in the New Castle Stuttgart in the presence of Gisela Erler, State Councilor for Civil Society and Citizen Participation in the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, marked the conclusion of the Meine initiative. Your. One World. 2017. She presented the prizes during the awards ceremony.

29 cities and municipalities as well as one district took part in the project in 2017 with around 360 events. The award winners particularly illustrated how the United Nations' 2030 Agenda with its 17 goals for sustainable development can be implemented. Goal 1, for example, is to end poverty in all forms and everywhere. And Goal 11 aims to make cities and settlements more sustainable.

The jury, which consisted of experts from the areas of municipalities, education and partnership work, placed particular emphasis on local networking, addressing target groups, public relations and its exemplary character for other initiatives.

The initiative, which was launched by the SEZ in 2006, has taken place seven times so far, and in 2017 for the second time in cooperation with Engagement Global's Municipalities in One World (SKEW) service center. In total, almost 90 different municipalities in Baden-Württemberg took part, many of them several times. In 2017, eight municipalities took part for the first time. The aim is to raise awareness of global issues, encourage responsible actions in everyday life and strengthen local networks. Mine. Your. One World. is part of the SEZ Partnership Center and takes place as part of the One World Promoter Program.  

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Fairtrade ambassador workshop in Karlsruhe

On November 27th, around 85 students from Baden-Württemberg attended the Fairtrade ambassador workshop in Jubez Karlsruhe Fairtrade Schools deals with the topic of “Fair Textiles” and thinks together about how they can become active themselves, at school or elsewhere. The event was also part of the campaign Future fashion. Many thanks to Jubez Karlsruhe, Fairtrade Germany, DEAB, World shop Karlsruhe, Femnet eV, Youth debates Alumni e.V.,  Johann Sebastian Bach High School Mannheim, iz3w Freiburg, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport Baden-Württemberg and State Ministry Baden-Württemberg! 


Chairwoman of the Board of Trustees supports SEZ

The SEZ's annual board of trustees meeting took place on November 14th, at which chairwoman Theresa Schopper clearly supported the work of the foundation. “The global challenges are increasing rapidly. In times like these, the SEZ is more important than ever. The country therefore supports the foundation. I am particularly pleased about three things: that Future Fashion is launching a stylish campaign that aims to rouse young people, that the state's financial support ensures the foundation's work even in difficult interest income situations and that we have Mr. Philipp Keil as a committed managing director for another five years Board won.” Philipp Keil's contract had recently been extended and he can now continue his duties with new support from the board of trustees. The Board of Trustees oversees the work of the SEZ, defines the principles for the work of the Foundation within the framework of the statutes and monitors compliance with them.


SEZ organizes exchanges of lawyers

German and East African lawyers will meet in Baden-Württemberg from November 5th to 12th, 2017. They exchange ideas and educate themselves.

The lawyers from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Tanzania are given a tandem partner to support them and accompany them at work for a week. This contributes to a direct and professional exchange and ensures a better understanding of each other's justice system. They also attend several hearings at the Higher Regional Court and visit the State Criminal Police Office, the correctional facility in Stammheim and an auditing firm. All guests will also be part of an evening event with Ministerial Director Elmar Steinbacher and recognized experts on the subject of international law. At the end of their visit, the lawyers from East Africa will take part in the annual conference of the Society for African Law on November 10th and 11th, 2017 in Freiburg.

Guests in Stuttgart are the lawyer Elisabeth Swai Simon from Tanzania, Alexis Manirakiza from Burundi, who is currently working in Antwerp, Claude Mwanza from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Jean-Claude Nsengiyumva from Rwanda. 

They form tandems with prosecutor Melanie Rischke from Stuttgart, Dr. Silke Benner, presiding judge at the Stuttgart Regional Court, Verena Alexander, judge at the Stuttgart Regional Court and Evelyn Oltmanns, presiding judge at the Stuttgart Regional Court.

The aim of the project is a professional exchange about the essential requirements for an independent and efficient judiciary. Through the exchange and the associated change of perspective, the lawyers from Africa and Germany can further develop their horizons of experience with the respective other system. The aim is also to create a partnership and professional network that simplifies the exchange of information and experiences.

Partners are the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Society for African Law e. V., the law firm Hamann Rechtsanwälte, the Arnold Bergstraesser Institute Freiburg, the city of Freiburg, the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court.

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