Join us: Eco & Fair Fashion in Baden-Württemberg

With the Future Fashion movement you can now win prizes worth over 1.000 euros.

At a Challenge the movement Future fashion There are now great prizes to be won for fresh, sustainable fashion. And it's that easy:

Post one BILD or Video about how you are campaigning for alternative textile consumption and better production conditions. E.g.

  • at a clothing swap party or at the thrift store
  • When tailoring clothes from fairly produced textiles
  • a place in Baden-Württemberg where sustainable and fair fashion is practiced
  • a video message/statement
  • Your project with which you inspire those around you for eco & fair fashion

Post the picture or video 

a) our Facebook page:

b) Instagram (Attention! You must use a public profile)

c) Twitter

In the post text, describe what can be seen in the picture or video, convey a thematically appropriate message or an appeal. Use the hashtag #futurefashionBW in your post and indicate with another hashtag, wo the image/video was taken (e.g. #Stuttgart, #St.Georgen, ...)

All contributions up to March 26, 2018 posted are eligible to participate (Deadline for participation). Please take this date into account when collecting “likes” for your posts. 

Six campaigns shown have the chance to be recognized as Future Fashion Spotlights, and there are also attractive Future Fashion packages. You can find all further information at 

Future Fashion is the new movement for sustainable textiles and conscious consumer behavior in Baden-Württemberg. It is initiated and coordinated by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ). Slow fashion is increasingly conquering the mainstream, and numerous eco and fair fashion labels are gaining a steadily growing following. That's a good thing, because social and ecological grievances in the value chain, including catastrophes in textile production facilities worldwide, are alarming. The scandalous news awakens us to change something. Fashion makers are even more called upon to produce in a socially and environmentally friendly manner and fashion lovers should try to consume sustainably.

If you have any questions, please contact Carina from the Baden-Württemberg Youth Initiative

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Dinner with Franz Untersteller

We are giving away a dinner with the Environment Minister Franz Untersteller. We use the proceeds to support a project in Burundi.

Anyone who has always wanted to ask the Baden-Württemberg Environment Minister Franz Untersteller questions in a very private atmosphere now has the chance to do so. In collaboration with stars4fans, we are giving away a dinner with him.

The proceeds from donations go to the project “Career-oriented empowerment of young adults in Burundi”. Even with completed training, young people in Burundi often cannot find work. In order to improve their situation, they have joined forces in the RJIC association to secure their professional future through joint activities. With seminars and workshops, they strengthen the assumption of personal responsibility and offer training in agricultural techniques, food processing as well as in craft and social professions. 

You can buy the tickets for €2,50/piece here Kaufen. 

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Project donation 


Clothes swap party

Future Fashion exchange frenzy on March 17, 2018 at the Stuttgart Adult Education Center.

Future Fashion's second clothing swap party is about to begin. From 10 a.m. to 15 p.m., fashion lovers swap bags, pants and dresses and find their new favorite outfits. The day of action invites you to take a closer look at your own textile consumption and its effects and to get to know sustainable alternatives.

Anyone who wants to can bring up to ten items of clothing without prior notice. You can then pack up as much as you brought with you at various stands. The two “Future Fashion on Tour” city tours through Stuttgart take place at the same time.

The clothes swap party is organized by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), the Campaign for Clean Clothes (CCC), the Baden-Württemberg Association for Development Policy (DEAB eV) and the youth initiative of the Baden-Württemberg Sustainability Strategy.

The Development Cooperation Foundation wants to provide impetus for a globally responsible Baden-Württemberg. Everyone can take responsibility and make the world more fair. The clothing swap party is therefore an opportunity to advocate for sustainable fashion and conscious consumer behavior.

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Future fashion swap frenzy

Future Fashion on Tour – tour in Stuttgart


New exhibition 

Poster exhibition on living conditions of textile workers in Bangladesh.

As part of the Future Fashion movement there is the poster exhibition 'The life and struggle of garment workers'. It was created in a year-long cooperation with the Friedrich-von-Alberti-Gymnasium in Bad Friedrichshall. The images come from award-winning Worldpress photographer Taslima Akhter from Bangladesh.

The exhibition provides information about the living conditions of textile workers in Bangladesh and highlights social injustices in the textile industry. It is awarded free of charge by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ).

The Future Fashion movement advocates for conscious and sustainable textile and fashion consumption in Baden-Württemberg and shows exciting alternatives to conventional consumption.

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Exhibition “The Life & Struggle of Garment Workers”


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Taslima Akhter is the exhibition's award-winning photographer. She comes from Dhaka, Bangladesh and describes the circumstances in her country.

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Taslima Akhter's message to consumers.

“Poverty is not natural, it was created by humans and can therefore be overcome and eradicated through appropriate measures. The eradication of poverty is not an act of mercy, but of justice.” (Nelson Mandela, Nobel Peace Prize winner)

Eradicating global poverty is just one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations. For the first time, the 2030 Agenda combines all three dimensions of sustainability – social, economic and ecological. It is something that all countries in the world strive for because the following applies: global challenges can only be solved together.

The #17Goals website makes the 2030 Agenda better known and presents various projects and initiatives that contribute to its implementation. In addition to numerous practical tips for everyday life, you also get to know news from politics, business and society. Whether self-made trash design for a sustainable lifestyle or wind energy from drones, a wide variety of ideas for climate protection are clearly presented. References to local practical examples such as poetry slams on the 17 goals also strengthen public awareness of the topic of sustainability and motivate readers to take their own action. They can immediately find out about timely, nationwide events related to the 2030 Agenda and take part in Rap for Refugees in Hamburg, the school cinema weeks in Hesse or the Vegginale in Hanover.

The big advantage of the website is that it primarily targets schoolchildren and students. By linking to the social media channels Instagram or Twitter, you can easily come across projects like the Advent calendar with 17 sustainable actions. At the same time, the 17 goals are discussed in a playful way at music festivals such as Lollapalooza and their realization is made more attractive.

The entire #17Goals project is carried out by Engagement Global on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). It serves as a guide for every individual’s commitment to development policy.

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Thank you very much!

We say THANK YOU for 18.855 euros in donations for aid projects in Burundi and Rwanda.

The SEZ supports aid projects in Baden-Württemberg, Africa, Asia and Latin America. That's why we rely on donations.

We thank you for overall 18.855 Euros Donations that we received from the Printing company Maier GmbH in Rottenburg and its employees, from the CDU state parliamentary groupand from the Alliance90/The Greens parliamentary group have received. 

With the help of donations, our foundation can support the expansion of a primary school in Burundi and the weekly newspaper “UKURI” for Burundian refugees in Rwanda. All donations flow directly into the projects, without deducting administrative costs.

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Project donation

Thank you for your donation!

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