Half time at mine. Your. One World.

Mine. Your. One World., the nationwide campaign of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), is at halftime. Almost 1 events have already taken place since it began on September 190st. Another 180 or so will follow in the next four weeks.

What is the “Good Life”? This question will be addressed at an interactive concert reading on October 2nd at the cultural center in Ludwigsburg. Alberto Acosta and the music group Grupo Sal Duo together present the concept of “Buen Vivir”. Latin American rhythms, politics and society flow together this evening.

The music continues on October 3rd with the “Voices for Africa” charity concert on the floating stage in Heidelberg. Visitors can expect a diverse live program with traditional and modern South African songs.

Freiburg is hosting an information and exchange fair on fair trade on October 5th. The motto of the event is “Another world is possible”.

On Saturday, October 6th, the performance of an intercultural play will take place in the Theater im Spitalhof. The comedy “Oh God, the Turks are integrating” deals with the topic of integration in general and presents Germany as a country of immigration with the diversity of migration backgrounds that enrich our society.

Further events can be found in the SEZ events calendar


Fair. Fairer. Fairest.

This could be the motto for the fourth week of the nationwide My initiative. Your. One. World. the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ).

On Tuesday, September 24th, the action day in Bad Boll is all about the topic of fair trade. Consumers can get information and inspiration and enjoy one or two “tasting things” at the same time.

Two days later, on September 26th, Horb am Neckar will follow up with the “Organic-Regio-Fair Dinner”. Between the four courses there will be speeches on fair trade topics.

On Saturday, September 28th, two exciting events will take place. One of them is in the north of Baden-Württemberg, in Heilbronn. The other is in the very south, in Konstanz on Lake Constance. Under the motto “Konstanz – International” the information and networking event will take place here on this day as part of the Intercultural Week 2019. Visitors can actively participate in discussions on the topic of “living multilingualism” and fortify themselves with international culinary delicacies.

In Heilbronn on Saturday the “Inside Africa Culture Festival” attracts visitors with a colorful program. The various exhibitions, lectures and musical performances continue into the night. If you want, you can also dance there with Congo and Togolese music.

Over 70 events take place in this last week of September. With just a few clicks you can Find out what events are happening near you.


The One World Baton is now on its way

Together with the baton, each municipality passes on its wishes for a just world to the next municipality. Here are the wishes of the people of Fellbach to the Schwäbisch Gmünders.

The baton of the nationwide initiative My. Your. One World. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) began its journey through Baden-Württemberg in Fellbach last Friday. On Sunday we continued from there to Schwäbisch Gmünd.

"When, if not now!? Where if not here!? Who, if not we!?" is written on the roll of paper inside the baton. The baton of the My Initiative passes with good wishes and encouraging words. Your. One World. now by the 32 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg involved in the project.

The baton is a symbol of the one-world commitment of many people in this country. The initiative doesn't just want to bring the actors within a location into contact with each other. Municipalities across the country are also being networked. Experiences are exchanged, tips for successful actions are given and the actors are motivated. The baton stands for community and is a thank you to those who, with great time and financial commitment, courage and creativity, contribute to sustainable development worldwide.

In the past few days the baton has already found its way to Engen, Heitersheim, Straubenhardt and Untermarchtal. Allmersbach im Tal and Ehingen are looking forward to the handover this week.


Mine. Your. One World. is picking up speed

The nationwide initiative My. Your. One World. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) is gaining momentum. There will also be many exciting events in the participating municipalities in the second week.

In Ulm on Tuesday, September 10th, peace and conflict researcher Henrik Paulitz critically examines the Ulm NATO Logistics Command. He asks: Will wars in Africa be controlled from Ulm in the future? In his lecture he gives answers and shows connections.

On Friday, September 13th, Fellbach children will cycle through the city into the World Weeks. The “Kidical Mass” starts at the train station, from here it goes across the city to the town hall.

What's really happening on Saturday, September 14th. S'Fairle, a sustainability market, takes place in Waldkirch in southern Baden. Regional groups and associations meet here and provide information on ecological and social issues. In Straubenhardt in the northern Black Forest, One World enthusiasts can enjoy a fair breakfast and listen to music by Lú Thome. And then look at the exhibition “A World in Straubenhardt”, which also opens on Saturday.

Fashionists will also get their money's worth in Ulm on September 14th. A fashion show with Romani Design will take place on Kornhausplatz. This extraordinary fashion project was developed by Roma women around Erika Varga in Budapest.

All events as part of Meine. Your. One World. can also be found on the SEZ website:


Mine. Your. One World. 2019 has started

The nationwide initiative is My on September 1st. Your. One World. of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ). Lahr in the Ortenau district starts with the German-Arab children's program.

32 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg - from A for Allmersbach im Tal to W for Winnenden - are taking part in the Meine initiative this year. Your. One World. part. More than 31 activities will take place in the participating cities and municipalities until October 350st. In this way, the citizens of the municipalities are committed to greater sustainability and to ensuring that the 17 sustainability goals of the 2030 Agenda are put into practice.

A lecture by the historian and author Prof. Dr. will take place in Ulm on Monday, September 2nd. Wolfram Wette on the topic of “Emergency Peace” and a rally in Freiburg for Anti-War Day 2019. Schwäbisch Gmünd will be joining in with two events the next day. One is the reading by the Syrian writer Friedrich Ani, who takes up the misery of refugees in his book “All the Uninhabited Rooms”.

All events from Meine. Your. You can find a world on the SEZ website:

The 32 participating municipalities

  • Allmersbach in the valley
  • Bad Ball
  • Dorn city
  • Ehingen on the Danube
  • Engen
  • Fellbach
  • Freiburg
  • Gerlingen
  • Heidelberg
  • Heilbronn
  • Heitersheim
  • Horb am Neckar
  • Konstanz
  • Künzelsau
  • lahr
  • Leonberg
  • Ludwigsburg
  • Mannheim
  • Moglingen
  • Neckarbishopsheim
  • Nuertingen
  • Pforzheim
  • Schorndorf
  • Schwäbisch Gmünd
  • Schwäbisch Hall
  • schwetzingen
  • Straubenhardt
  • Stuttgart
  • Ulm
  • Untermarchtal
  • Waldkirch
  • Winnenden

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