Future Fashion Store Grand Opening

On July 4th, the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE in the Gerber department store in downtown Stuttgart opened its doors to future fashion fans for the first time.

An extensive range of second-hand fashion was waiting to be discovered by the predominantly young audience. Music, a live act with Ottencrew and a panel discussion on the topic “Sustainable fashion and shopping centers – do they go together?” provided variety and information.

“The Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE is a very special meeting place where many different partners come together,” says Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ). “We make sustainability and global responsibility directly tangible in the store, so we are breaking new ground.”

On the opening day there were also everyday Corona masks that were sewn by refugee women especially for the Future Fashion Store. By purchasing a solidarity shirt, visitors to the Future Fashion Store were also able to support a textile project in Bangladesh. In addition to second hand fashion, the Future Fashion Store also presents first hand fashion umoja, the textile and lifestyle brand of the Bundesliga club TSG Hoffenheim. umoja is a purely African label. The cotton for the textiles is sustainably produced in Africa, and the collection is made 100 percent in Uganda.

The Future Fashion Store Action Hope. The joint project combines economic efficiency and sustainability. It is also an educational center for globally responsible behavior and a store for high-quality used clothing.

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Pre-opening of the Future Fashion Store in Gerber

The pre-opening of the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE took place on July 3rd in the Gerber department store in downtown Stuttgart. The Future Fashion Store is a young company run by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and Aktion Hope Rottenburg-Stuttgart e.V.

Around 50 invited guests took part in the opening, including the Baden-Württemberg Environment Minister Franz Untersteller. In his speech, he focused primarily on the aspect of sustainability, which plays a central role in the concept of the Future Fashion Store. “The Future Fashion Store lays the foundation for raising awareness of conscious consumption and turning knowledge into action,” says Untersteller. “Sustainable action is also at the heart of the measures in the country’s sustainability strategy. It is important to make it clear again and again that sustainable consumption has nothing to do with sacrifice and restrictions, but rather brings joy in the long term and helps to secure our livelihoods.”

The Stuttgart Mayor for Social Affairs and Social Integration, Dr. In her speech, Alexandra Sußmann highlighted the state capital's commitment to sustainability and global responsibility. “I am very happy about the new Future Fashion Store as an enrichment in the middle of the city. It makes sustainability and global responsibility directly tangible for everyone and strengthens the city as a sustainability metropolis. There are already a number of small, fine fashion labels in Stuttgart that produce sustainably and fairly. The new store strengthens the scene through further networking and makes the slow and fair fashion scene visible.”

The project combines economic efficiency and sustainability, as Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the SEZ, explained. The mainstay of the store concept, which is unique in Germany to date, is the educational component for globally responsible action, as Keil continued: “In order to master the challenges of our time, we are taking new paths in social entrepreneurship with the store and at the same time offering a place where the most pressing questions of our time are discussed.”

Anton Vaas, Managing Director of Aktion Hope, particularly addressed the consumption of clothing, which, in his view, must become more resource-efficient and socially acceptable. “It is no longer ecologically and socially responsible if clothing is produced at great expense and then rarely worn. With our store we extend the lifespan of textiles and show that it is very trendy to dress fashionably in the second hand shop.”

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Tender for funding works! corona

Organizations in Baden-Württemberg can now apply for funding from the program! place.

The cooperation between Baden-Württemberg organizations and partners in the global south is supported in combating and containing the negative effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is important that these are projects that were created on the initiative of the partners. The maximum funding amount is 10.000 euros and the duration of the projects is limited to 6 months.

The application deadline ends on July 17, 2020. An independent expert committee will decide on the project commitments.

Further information such as application documents etc. can be found here.

works! is the SEZ's funding program with funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg for development cooperation projects at home and abroad as well as the partner country Burundi.


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