New Future Fashion Guide published

The Future Fashion Guide – 102 pages for the sustainable fashion of the future.

The newly published Future Fashion Guide shows the most important information about sustainable fashion at a glance.

How can I find out whether a piece of clothing is really sustainable? What can we all do for more justice in the fashion industry? And how can I make my own wardrobe fit for the future? In addition to ideas for answering these questions, the new Future Fashion Guide contains exciting interviews from the world of sustainable fashion, surfing tips for digitally getting a taste of the topic and links to current podcasts. The Future Fashion Guide is available free of charge in printed and digital versions, for example at Future Fashion Store in the Gerber in Stuttgart and here as Download.

The movement has been going on for over four years Future fashion with clothing swap parties Future Fashion on TourCity tours and Events People in Baden-Württemberg are aware of the global nature of our current fashion consumption. “Future fashion not only means asking exactly where fashion is produced and under what conditions, but it also means that we here in Baden-Württemberg become aware of how our consumer behavior influences global relationships,” says Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and initiator of the Future Fashion movement. The Future Fashion Guide, which is now appearing as a completely revised new edition due to the sharp increase in demand on the topics of sustainability and future viability of fashion, contains a hand-tailored compilation of the first small steps that we can all take ourselves to reduce global influence through our consumption contributing to inequality.

The Future Fashion Guide is a joint project of the SEZ RACE.south, Youth initiative of the Baden-Württemberg sustainability strategy, the DEAB eV., the Reutlingen University, Action Hope and Climate Arena and was created with the support of the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry.

The aim is to raise awareness among the Baden-Württemberg population for globally responsible action and to build equal global partnerships seit 30 Jahren Core topics of the SEZ. So expanded Future Fashion Made in Africa the topic of consumption around the perspective, who Sustainable fashion makes and offers a platform for young fashion design from African countries such as Burundi. It also offers comprehensive offers on the topics of sustainable consumption and fair trade for other sectors Fair trade fair, which is supported by the SEZ and will next take place in Stuttgart from April 21st to 24.4.2022th, XNUMX.

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Startup Africa

StartUp Afrika strengthens and promotes new collaborations between African and Baden-Württemberg actors.

At the event Startup Africa From July 27th to 29th, 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria, over 50 founders and social entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and innovations, the chance to win funding of up to 10.000 euros and thus new collaborations between Africa and Baden-Württemberg.

Start-ups, founders and social entrepreneurs play a key role in shaping economic relations between Africa and Baden-Württemberg: their innovative ideas can provide groundbreaking impulses for social and ecological transformations of the future. Equal and collaborative partnerships are firmly anchored in the UN Agenda 17 with Sustainable Development Goal No. 2030.

The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) works closely with StartUp Africa State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and Lead Africa International together. Further information about StartUp Africa can be found here here and on the Website of the event.

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