Noeli Nziza! A Burundian Christmas concert

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The SEZ Burundi Competence Center celebrated its end to the Christmas season with music and human encounters at Noeli Nziza.

Noeli Nziza!

The SEZ’s Burundi Competence Center celebrated the last event of the year on December 15, 2021 with music and human encounters. The meeting too Noeli Nziza (Kirundi for Merry Christmas) is “actually” a personal meeting, staying together, exchanging ideas, being together, looking back and looking forward. Due to the pandemic, the celebration took place virtually this year. At the end of the year together with Visage Artistique du Burundi (VAB), the Burundian musicians Gérard Ndikubwayo and Vania ICE gave a concert in Bujumbura. The consultant from the Burundi Competence Center in Bujumbura, Aline Dusabe, was also there and opened the evening with a welcoming speech.

Thanks to a live stream, the concert could not only be followed on site in Bujumbura, but also live by people from Burundi, Baden-Württemberg and all over the world in the web stream. If you didn't have time to attend Noeli Nziza live, we cordially invite you to watch the concert here:

We wish you a nice, musical end to the year and look forward to the coming year!

Noeli Nziza!

On December 15, 2021, the Center de Compétence Burundi de la SEZ celebrated the anniversary of the anniversary in music and meetings. The meeting of NOELI NZIZA is “in effect” a meeting between interpersonal subjects: a moment of détente, d’échange, d’être ensemble, de rétrospective et d’anticipation. Currently, it is impossible to maintain this event in response to the pandemic, but no one decides to organize a virtual concert and to schedule the annual ensemble. In collaboration with Visage Artistique du Burundi (VAB), a virtual concert en direct de Bujumbura s’est tenu with les deux musiciens Burundais Gérard Ndikubwayo and Vania ICE. The consultant of the Center de Compétence du Burundi de la SEZ à Bujumbura, Aline Dusabe, était également sur place et a prononcé le mot de bienvenue.

Thanks to a livestream, the concert is now available non-stop in Bujumbura, but also directly to the people of Burundi, Baden-Württemberg and the world via the webstream. If you don't have time to assist at Noeli Nziza's concert, you will receive invitations from the audience:

Nous vous souhaitons une belle fin d'année en musique et nous réjouissons de l'année à venir !

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Partnership work by AMAHORO! Country partnership between BW & Burundi


Prices for mine. Your. One World. awarded in 2021

Ten municipalities in Baden-Württemberg were selected as part of the nationwide initiative Meine. Your. One World. honored for their special commitment to sustainable development.

Mannheim, Heidelberg, Freiburg, Fellbach, Konstanz, Lahr, Künzelsau, Engen, Reutlingen district and the Enzkreis district. These are the ten municipalities in Baden-Württemberg that took part in the ninth round of the Meine initiative. Your. One World. were honored for their special commitment to a fairer world and received prize money totaling 35.000 euros in recognition. With their actions and events during the nationwide One World Days in September and October, they drew attention to their development policy initiatives and motivated others to join the network of committed people. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) invites municipalities to Meine every two years. Your. One World. a. The project was once again made possible by the support of Engagement Global's Municipalities in One World (SKEW) service center with funds from the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Despite the pandemic, My. Your. One World. In 2021, 16 municipalities from Baden-Württemberg took part in 165 events. A jury made up of development policy experts has now selected the award-winning municipalities in the Meine competition. Your. One World. Selected in 2021.

Overview of the award-winning municipalities

“Large municipalities” category

  • 1st prize (5.000 euros): The first-placed city Mannheim took part in Meine for the sixth time. Your. One World. and was able to mobilize a diverse alliance of actors on issues of the 2030 Agenda with its Fair Week and an impressive overall concept. The jury was impressed by the fact that Mannheim used innovative ideas and easily accessible formats, such as the interactive rally through the “Actionbound” app, to bring people closer to topics such as fair trade, climate protection and sustainable urban development.
  • 2st prize (3.500 euros): Heidelberg was able to take part in Meine for his sixth time. Your. One World. achieve second place. In the diverse program of the One World Days Heidelberg 2021, around 20 events from 30 organizations invited people to address sustainability issues such as world nutrition and climate change. The jury found the variety of formats particularly commendable, ranging from sustainable cooking shows, tastings, city tours, exhibitions, store rallies to lectures, readings and discussions.
  • 3st prize (1.500 euros): On her ninth participation in Meine. Your. One World. could the city Freiburg happy about third place. At the Freiburg One World Days with Fair Week 2021, a variety of artistic and cultural events offered the opportunity to get involved in a fairer world and to network on sustainability issues. The jury particularly praised the anti-consumer city tours, the newly developed broadcast rickshaw that broadcast live on the radio, and the inclusion of a colonial search for traces.

Category “Medium-sized municipalities”

  • 1st prize (5.000 euros): Scored for the fifth time in a row Fellbach first place in the competition from Meine. Your. One World. As part of the 5th Fellbach World Week, 30 participating actors organized around 40 events on the United Nations' sustainability goals. The jury was impressed by Fellbach's broad and diverse offering and emphasized that the entire program was based on strong local networks. For example, using the example of Fellbach's urban climate, awareness was raised about the consequences of climate change.
  • 2st prize (3.500 euros): Konstanz took part in mine for the sixth time. Your. One World. took part and took second place. At the Intercultural Week, over 30 civil society actors from Konstanz and the neighboring city of Kreuzlingen organized around 20 events in which they provided information about development policy connections, refugees and interculturality. The jury particularly emphasized that people with refugee experience and post-migrant organizations had actively helped shape the Intercultural Week in Konstanz and praised the “Babbelllingua” event, which celebrated the native languages ​​of all people in Konstanz.
  • 3st prize (1.500 euros): The committed citizens lahr linked to the actions of Meine. Your. One World. 2019 and achieved third place with this year's program. For example, based on the United Nations' sustainability goals, a poster campaign was implemented in churches in Lahr, which used targeted examples to sharpen understanding of global connections. The fifteenth anniversary of the town twinning with Alajuela in Costa Rica also received particular attention in the Lahr event program.

“Small municipalities” category

  • 1st prize (5.000 euros): The first-placed municipality Künzelsau took part with its program “Shaping the future fairly in Künzelsau” and created a low-threshold interactive offer for those interested, which invited them to engage with the United Nations’ sustainability goals in everyday life. There was a city rally in Künzelsau with puzzles, quizzes and shop windows about sustainability and fair trade. The jury particularly praised the fact that a letter with specific recommendations was sent to the mayor and the local council, which was answered in detail and has already been partially implemented.
  • 2st prize (3.500 euros): On my third participation in Meine. Your. One World. could Engen take 2nd place. Particular emphasis was placed on the good cooperation between the administration and the civil society association Unser buntes Engen e. V. Together with local actors, the “Day of Action for Democracy” could be organized, through which the administration from the mayor, political leaders, volunteers and migrant groups were involved at the local level in order to point out the great value of democracy.

special rates

  • Innovation Prize (5.000 euros): The prize, awarded for the first time this year, went to Reutlingen district. He impressed so much with the geocaching tour “GeoTürle – discover 17 sustainable treasures in the Reutlingen district” that the jury decided to honor this program with a unique innovation award. The tour to the 17 United Nations Sustainability Goals raises people's awareness of sustainable treasures in the Reutlingen district in a playful way. As an outdoor experience, the concept mobilizes a broad target group and motivates them to deal with sustainability issues. QR codes attached to the outside of the geocaches provide information about the associated sustainability goal. The jury emphasized the flexible transferability and adaptability of the concept to other municipalities or districts.
  • Recognition prize (1.500 euros): Also for the first time this year, the district Enzkreis awarded with a recognition award. The district convinced the jury with its specially compiled exhibition “Sustainable Enzkreis – Agenda 2030 and Climate Fund” in a central location in Pforzheim city center, which shows the implementation of the 2030 Agenda in the Enzkreis and the importance of CO2-Compensations highlighted and presented in a comprehensible manner. The jury found that the concept deserves a recognition award and offers high transfer potential for other districts.

Since the celebratory awards ceremony in the New Palace in Stuttgart unfortunately had to be canceled this year due to the pandemic, the awards were sent to the municipalities in writing. “We would like to thank all the municipalities for their commitment to Meine in 2021. Your. One. World. have participated. Through their efforts, they have shown people in Baden-Württemberg that global responsibility and sustainability have to start on their own doorstep,” said Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the SEZ.

The My. initiative, which takes place every two years. Your. One World. is from the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) organized and takes place in collaboration with the Service point for municipalities in one world (SKEW) from Engagement Global with the resources of Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). Mine. Your. One World. makes an important contribution to the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda and its 17 sustainability goals in municipalities by developing, strengthening and further developing existing potential for greater global responsibility in the municipalities of Baden-Württemberg. Municipalities with their cities, schools, adult education centers, clubs and world shops are central places of human encounters where every day it becomes possible to raise awareness of global issues and strengthen partnership networks.

More information about My. Your. You can find One World 2021 as well as a download area with materials, flyers and images here.

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Now new: First Hand in the Future Fashion Store

​In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE there is a new area with sustainable first-hand fashion.

In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE there is a new area with future-proof fashion from sustainable labels. From now on, everything in the so-called First Hand Corner of the store revolves around new collections from young designers, start-ups and future fashion entrepreneurs who are rethinking the future of fashion in a new and fair way through fresh ideas and innovative projects. A sustainable fashion label regularly presents itself there with special promotions. You can still get the label there until the end of January 2022 Verdonna get to know that offers fair craftsmanship from women from Peru.

The Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE is a joint project between the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and the church aid organization Action Hope the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. It has been enriching the sustainable fashion landscape in Baden-Württemberg since July 2020 and can easily be found in the Gerber department store in Stuttgart. In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE, in addition to the first hand corner, there is also a large selection of second hand fashion. The proceeds from the clothing sold in the store support the Action Hope Development cooperation projects and educational projects worldwide. Taking place regularly Events, how exciting Talks with change makers from the fashion industry and creative ones Workshops make the Future Fashion Store the first point of contact for the topic of sustainable fashion in Stuttgart.

The movement has been going on for over four years Future fashion with clothing swap parties Future Fashion on TourCity tours and Events People in Baden-Württemberg are aware of the global nature of our current fashion consumption. The aim is to raise awareness among the Baden-Württemberg population for globally responsible action and to build equal global partnerships seit 30 Jahren Core topics of the SEZ. So expanded Future Fashion Made In Africa the topic of consumption around the perspective, who Sustainable fashion makes and offers a platform for young fashion design from African countries such as Burundi and the diaspora. It also offers comprehensive offers on the topics of sustainable consumption and fair trade for other sectors Fair trade fair, which is borne by the SEZ and which the next time from April 21-24, 2022 will take place in Stuttgart.

Next event at Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE

20 December 2021 – Meet Verdonna

Lorena Gerstner, founder of Verdonna, answers your questions about the sustainable fashion label in the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE. In addition to a competition, the right atmosphere and music are also provided.

Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 19 p.m
Sophienstrasse 21
70178 Stuttgart
Phone: 071162087707

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Project coordination Future Fashion, Fairtrade Schools & Fair Trade Fair


Made in Burundi: gym bags, camera bags and more

Details of fabric work handmade in Burundi.

Handcrafted products from one of beffekt! Burundi-sponsored tailor's workshop in Bujumbura is now available online.

A real success story that works! Burundi funding 2020 is already the project of the organization Fondation Stamm. Together with experienced vocational trainers, a tailor's workshop was founded in Bujumbura, which produces high-quality products as a social training company. The production and access to secure sales markets give young women new perspectives and independence. In Germany the stylish camera bags and gym bags are available Online shop cozyspeed can be purchased as well as via the Etsy shop the organization Burundikids e. v.

The project is also supported by the Burundikids e.V. association. v. Burundikids has been financing the mother-child home Center Nyubahiriza (Kirundi for “Respect us!”) since 2005, to which the tailor’s workshop is connected. In the mother-child home, the women, who are often very young, not only receive food and medical care, but are also prepared to lead a self-determined life: through their training as seamstresses, they can build up their own business and by selling the textiles they produce Generate funds for their new life or save money for their family.

And the handcrafted products are impressive. This was the demand for the gym bags at the anniversary concert of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) in October and at the stand Competence Center Burundi or on the Pop Up at the Fair Trade Fair big in November. More about the funding program! Find out about Burundi here and off to the Burundi Competence Center.

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Partnership work by AMAHORO! Country partnership between BW & Burundi

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