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The connecting lines that finance partnership projects with funding from the state of Baden-Württemberg are drawn internationally.

Works for the funding program! Foreign countries of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) with funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg, applications can be submitted online via our application portal between June 2nd and July 28th, 2023.

works! is the SEZ's funding program and is financed with funds from the state of Baden-Württemberg. With beffects!Abroad Development cooperation projects abroad can be funded. Specifically, this is about the development of sustainable partnerships between Baden-Württemberg initiatives and institutions and their partners in the Global South. The basis for this is a genuine interest in the partners and an interculturally sensitive relationship. In contrast to a sponsorship, the partnership pursues a common goal: in partnership projects that follow the principle of “helping people to help themselves”, the focus is on mutual profit and benefit. All information about the funding line beffects!Abroad see here. In the current round of beffects!Abroad Organizations from Baden-Württemberg can receive funding up to Application deadline is July 28.07.23, 16 at 00:XNUMX p.m Submit applications.

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Since 2021, applying to the SEZ has been even easier. If you would like to apply for project funding at the SEZ, simply register with the new one SEZ application portal and fill out your application completely online. You can save your information at any time and edit it later. About 6-8 weeks after the end of the application period, you will be informed by email and directly in the application portal whether your application was successful. If funding is approved, further areas such as “project funding contract” and “proof of use” will be activated for you.

Our team can answer any questions you may have about SEZ project funding Glossary and our FAQanswer. If you would like to know which projects have been funded by the SEZ so far, take a look here over. If you have any further questions regarding the application process, we will be happy to advise you. For a personal consultation, please contact your SEZ contact person by email Jerry Biden.

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UMUDERI W’I BURUNDI against unemployment

Participants of the vocational training to become seamstresses in the Nyubahiriza Center with their certificates / participants* à la formation professionnelle de couturière au center de Nyubahiriza avec leurs certificats (Photo: SEZ/Burundi Film Center).

En français ci-dessous

With funding from beffekt! Burundi women can train to become seamstresses in Bujumbura.

TW: Sexual violence.

Dressed in self-made kitenge, eleven women* from the Nyubahiriza maternity home (Kirundi for Respect us!) in the Mutakura district of Bujumbura on February 25, 2022 certificates for their achievements in tailoring. The award winners had just completed a year of vocational training in tailoring at the training center Fondation trunk completed. To make the training possible, the Nyubahiriza Center had provided for their travel, living expenses and other basic products that the women often need. With the support of the SEZ through the funding line, it works! Burundi 2020, members of the Nyubahiriza Center learned to sew various clothing items, including uniforms for kindergarten, primary and secondary school students, as well as nurses.

The participants, who came from different provinces of the country, expressed satisfaction with this training, which is beneficial for their future lives. Lydia Iraqoze, a mother of four and an honors graduate, had previously unsuccessfully tried to work as a trader. As she now knows, her talents lie more in tailoring. She shares that the seamstress profession she is going to take up will help her support her four children as her husband works alone and his single salary is not enough to make it through the month. Dorcas Niyonzima from Butaganzwa municipality in Kayanza province in northern Burundi was accommodated in the Nyubahiriza center with her baby, who was still one month old at the time. She says her new job will help her support her child, who is now two and a half years old. A woman who was raped as a teenager says that the job is good for her because she will earn money to support the survival of her twins whose father is unknown. She also promises to pass on her knowledge to other girls in difficult situations.

Verena Stamm, founder of the Fondation Stamm, took the opportunity to thank the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) for funding from beffekt! Thanks to Burundi, which covers the training for the women. In addition, she announced that the seamstresses will be able to work through the partnership with Burundian kids, represented by Philipp Ziser, have received a sales market for their products in Germany. More and more orders are placed for the sewing workshop and the clothes are made there by the project beneficiaries. The first place winners of the sewing courses who passed with distinction were employed in the Fondation Stamm workshop, while the second place winners each received a sewing machine to begin a career as a tailor. The third-place winners received prize money of BFR 100.000.

UMUDERI W'I BURUNDI: Made in Burundi against the color

TW: Sexual violence.

Vêtues de kitenge qu'elles ont confectionné elles-mêmes, onze femmes* du foyer maternel de Nyubahiriza (Kirundi pour Respectez-nous !) in the district of Mutakura in Bujumbura ont reçu le 25 fevrier 2022 des certificats pour leur réussite dans le domaine de la couture. The laureates* took part in a professional training in couture at the center of the formation of the Fondation Stamm. Pour soutenir leur formation, le center Nyubahiriza avait pris en charge leur voyage, leur subsistance et d'autres products de base dont les femmes ont souvent besoin. Have the soutien de la SEZ à travers the line of financement beffective! Burundi 2020, the members of the center Nyubahiriza ont appris à coudre different types of clothing, dont des uniformes pour les élèves de maternelle, de primaire et de secondaire*, ainsi que pour les infirmières*.

Les participants*, Venus de different provinces du pays, are declared satisfied with this formation, which serves a long time for the future. Lydia Iraqoze, mère de quatre enfants et diploma with mention, available auparavant essayé without succès de travailler comme handlin. The main thing is that these talents are located in the couture. Elle fait savoir que le métier de couturière qu'elle va exercer l'aidera à nourrir ses quatre enfants, car son mari travaille seul et son seul salary ne lui permet pas de finir le mois.

Dorcas Niyonzima, originally from the municipality of Butaganzwa, in the province of Kayanza, in the north of Burundi, has a refuge in the center of Nyubahiriza and has a baby who is not available to her mother. Elle raconte que son new métier l'aidera à nourrir son enfant, qui a aujourd'hui deux ans et demi. A woman with a violet adolescence indique que ce métier lui fait du bien, car il lui permettra de gagner de l'argent pour la survie de ses jumeaux dont le père est inconnu. Elle promet également de transmettre son savoir à d’autres young girls in difficult situations.

Verena Stamm, founder of the Fondation Stamm, a profit from the occasion for remercier to the Fondation for the coopération au développement du Bade-Wurtemberg (SEZ) for the soutien apporté par beffekt! Burundi, which has the formation of women. Out there, it is an advertisement that is part of Burundi Kids, represented by Philipp Ziser, the couturières* ont obtenu un débouché pour leurs produits en Allemagne. Ainsi, de plus en plus de commandes sont passées pour l’atelier de couture et les clothes y sont confectionnés par les bénéficiaires du project. The premiers of the course of couture, which ont réussi avec mention, ont été embauchés dans l’atelier de la Fondation Stamm, tandis que les deuxièmes ont chacun reçu a machine à coudre pour commencer a career de couturier*. The three prizes received a prize of 100.000 BFR.

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