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#Amahoro! The BW-Burundi team is back on Twitter. Follow us, get in touch with us and become part of #bwburundi! On Twitter we keep you updated about the partnership work between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi and upcoming events.​

The BW-Burundi team the SEZ…

  • a contact and service point for those interested in BW-Burundi
  • ...coordinates projects in and to Burundi, as well as the project funding line works! Burundi
  • ...organizes various event and meeting formats and
  • ...provides impulses for reflection on partnership work.

Networking work that brings together actors from different areas is particularly important to us. We facilitate such human encounters through a range of formats:

The BW-Burundi Conference brings together partners, interested parties, activists and actors from civil society, politics and other areas to work together on strategic issues relating to the partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi. The aim is to have a lively exchange with new target groups or interest representatives. Those responsible from politics and business should be made aware of the topics and potential of the partnership. Register for the next conference on October 28.10.2022th, XNUMX, which will take place online via Zoom and on site in the Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

The Cabaret BUJA-BW takes place at regular intervals in Baden-Württemberg and Bujumbura. It is an intercultural exchange format in which discussions take place, advice is exchanged between friends and life wisdom is exchanged. The Cabaret Buja-BW is intended to be a meeting place between people from Baden-Württemberg and Burundi. The focus here is on intercultural exchange and a better understanding of others and your own way of thinking. The Cabaret Buja-BW takes place four times a year and travels from city to city. Partnership groups can contact the BW-Burundi team if they would like to bring Cabaret Buja-BW into their community.

Burundi meeting take place twice a year and offer those involved in the partnership space for exchange and networking. Partnership projects are presented and key questions relating to the partnership are addressed.

The Noeli Nziza: German-Burundian Christmas Let's end the year together. Every year in December, committed members of the partnership, people from the neighborhood and the SEZ network meet to celebrate Christmas together and round off the year.

You will receive further regular information in the newsletter BW-Burundi Nouvelles, which appears twice a year. Log in.


#Amahoro! The BW-Burundi team is back on Twitter. Suivez-nous, entrez en contact with nous and devenez ainsi a partie de #bwburundi! On Twitter, you will receive constant information on the work of the party between Bade-Wurtemberg and Burundi and on the events in front of you.

The team BW-Burundi de la SEZ…

  • …is a point of contact and service for people interested in the BW-Burundi partenariat
  • …coordonne des projects au Burundi et sur le Burundi, ainsi que the line of promotion de projects works! Burundi
  • …organise different formats d’évènements et de rencontres et
  • …donne des impulses pour la réflexion sur le work de partenariat.

Nous accordons une importance particulière au travail de mise en réseau qui permet de réunir des actors de different domaines. Nous rendons ces rencontres humanes possibles grâce à une serie de formats:

La Conference BW-Burundi réunit des partenaires, des personnes interessées, des actifs et des actors de la société civile, de la politique et d'other domaines afin de travailler ensemble sur des questions stratégiques du partenariat entre le Bade-Wurtemberg et le Burundi. A change of animation with new groups of telephones or representatives of the international community is visible. Les responsables politiques et économiques doivent être sensibilisés aux thèmes et aux potentiels du partenariat. Inscription for the conference on October 28.10.2022, XNUMX, held online via Zoom and presented in the Filderhalle in Leinfelden-Echterdingen.

Le Cabaret BUJA-BW a place with intervals regulated in Bade-Wurtemberg and Bujumbura. Il s'agit d'un format d'échange interculturel au cours duquel des discussions se déroulent, des conseils sont donnés entre amis ou des leçons de vie sont échangées. The Cabaret Buja-BW is a meeting place between the people of Bade-Wurtemberg and Burundi. The intercultural change and a better understanding of the other and its propres modes of work are part of the premier plan. Le Cabaret Buja-BW is located in the middle of the city and is located in the city. The jumelage groups can contact the team BW-Burundi and will be fair to the Cabaret Buja-BW in the community.

The Réunions du Burundi Se déroulent deux fois par an et offrent aux personnes engagées dans le partenariat un espace d’échange et de mise en réseau. The project of partenariat and sont présentés et des questions directrices concernant le partenariat sont traitées.

During Noeli Nziza: Noël Germano-Burundais, nous terminons l’année ensemble. This année en December, the people involved in the partenariat, the people du voisinage and you réseau de la SEZ are rencontrent pour fêter Noël ensemble et terminer l’année.

You can find other information régulières in the newsletter BW-Burundi Nouvelles, qui paraît deux fois par an. Inscribez-vous.

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Partnership work by AMAHORO! Country partnership between BW & Burundi


ÖA & event management in AMAHORO! Country partnership between BW & Burundi


With beffects! Domestic for Global Responsibility

Insights into the educational policy work of the German Africa Insight (GAI) e.V. association. Here at a workshop that was funded by the SEZ through the Mindchangers funding line.

together. sustainable. works. How effective! Domestic shows that global responsibility must begin on our own doorstep in Baden-Württemberg.

How we act here in Baden-Württemberg has an impact on the whole world. In order to really reduce global injustice, people in Baden-Württemberg must take action on their own doorstep and assume global responsibility. The project sponsors from beffekt show how this can work! Domestic with their commitment to global justice, sustainability and against stereotypes.

For example, finep shows in the coaching workshop SDGs in the middle of lifewhat the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals actually have to do with us in Baden-Württemberg. This project looks outside the box and uses methods of coaching and motivational training to make it easier for people to “take action”. For example, the course is currently running Challenge accepted! Your commitment to sustainable change with our tips and tools. Further information about the next courses, which will take place until 2023, is available below a DAK Bungalow.

The interactive exhibition project is an example of a change in the common narrative of the charitable West Resisting Voices – clatter-click-nod by German-Africa Insight e.V.. The aim is to empower new voices and promote a paradigm shift through various art exhibitions and discourse events. The role of European social and economic policy is critically questioned and the focus is on the public image in Germany in the 21st century. Events can be attended until November 2022, information can be found at

The project is a completely different topic and yet also a change of perspective Speak-up from Radio Dreyeckland. In our own radio show, people with refugee experience have their say and can bring their previously unheard perspective into the social debate. The project is by refugees for refugees and also organizes a total of ten events in which people with refugee experience are actively involved as actors and experts. You can listen to the radio show every Wednesday at 16 p.m Our Voice be switched on; It is aimed at people in Germany – with and without a refugee history. It is broadcast in many languages ​​that belong to Germany, such as Polish, Arabic, Turkish, English, and much more. You can listen here:

The funding line works! Domestic is part of the beffekt! funding program, with which the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation contribute to the implementation of the sustainability goals. With beffects! Domestically, development policy educational work measures are supported in Baden-Württemberg. The projects that benefit from the funding line! Co-financed domestically, implement various aspects of the sustainability agenda here in Baden-Württemberg. A total of 91 projects have already been successfully implemented.

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