A journey of friendship

Sr. Adèle Niyonzima (Sœur Ben Bernadette), Antoine Kinyomvyi (ODEB), Aline Dusabe (SEZ), Raïssa Mpundu (SEZ), Philipp Keil (SEZ), Rudolf Decker, Prof. Dr. Aloys Misago (Université du Burundi), Lucas Decker, Gervais Irankunda (SAMEDECO), Jacqueline Hatungimana (SAMEDECO), Eva Presl (Sparkassenstiftung), Elias Siboniyo (IPSDI) (Photo: SEZ).

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“Our vision was to build friendships and relationships.” - Rudolf Decker

Rudolf Decker, former member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament and one of the founders of the SEZ, visited Burundi from January 16th to 19th, 2023. The 90-year-old is still animated by the same feeling he had 30 years ago: making friends and building relationships between the two countries. Because according to Decker, a sustainable partnership is not based on projects, but on relationships. One of these relationships, which has been going on for a very long time, is between the Lake Constance water supply and Regideso, the water supply for Bujumbura and the surrounding area. During his visit he was accompanied by his wife and his grandson Lukas Decker, but also by the managing director of the SEZ, Philipp Keil. During their trip they attended many appointments and met many people.

Visit to the Schoenstatt Sisters Hospital in Mutumba.

After their arrival at the Mutumba hospital, the delegation, consisting of the Decker family, the Executive Board of the SEZ, Phillip Keil, and the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Ferdinand Bashikako, were warmly welcomed by the Schoenstatt Sisters in Mutumba . “It was a great pleasure to visit the hospital in Mutumba again after ten years,” Mr Decker said in his speech. He thanked the entire nursing staff, especially the Schoenstatt Sisters, who continue to operate this facility. This hospital is one of the projects in Burundi that is subsidized by Baden-Württemberg. Permanent Secretary Ferdinand Bashikako, who hails from Mutumba, said this hospital is the cornerstone of the development of the locality. He gave the example of himself, who was born in this hospital, as well as the administrator of the municipality of Mutumba. The director of the hospital, Sister Lisette, reported that she was planning to build a polyclinic to accommodate more patients, but there was a lack of money and she asked the SEZ to support her. Mr. Decker was also received for an audience by the Deputy Foreign Minister. Strengthening the partnership was the focus of their exchange.

During his stay in Burundi, Rudolph Decker's delegation also had dinner with the German ambassador to Burundi, Dieter Reinl. They were invited to another dinner by the friends of Burundi, including former dignitaries, former graduates, politicians, churchmen, etc.

Partners of the SEZ

Rudolph Decker also visited the German Center at the University of Burundi, as well as various SEZ partners who received funding from the funding line works! Burundi was financed. Among the partners present was the association SAMEDECO (Association Santé Mentale et Développement Communautaire), which brought the results of its project, including handicrafts.

Rudolf Decker thanked the SEZ partners for their contribution to the partnership and their service to the Burundian people.

Lucas Decker, Philipp Keil (SEZ), Sr Pia-Marit Ruettiman (Schoenstatt Sisters), Sr Lisette Seitzer (Schoenstatt Sisters), Rudolf Decker, Wiltrud Decker, Sr Yvonne Niragira (Schoenstatt Sisters), Ferdinand Bashikako (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi/Ministère des Affaires Étrangères et de la Coopération au Développement de la République du Burundi), Sr Philotee Nduwamungu (Schoenstatt Sisters), Longin Hakizimana (Photo: SEZ).

« Notre vision était de bâtir des amitiés et des relations. » – Rudolf Decker

Rudolf Decker, former parliamentarian and one of the fondateurs of the SEZ, était en visite au Burundi du 16 au 19 Janvier 2023. This nonagénaire is toujours animé du même sentiment qu'il avait il y a 30 ans à savoir tisser des amitiés et bâtir des relations between the two people. Selon Decker's partenariat durable n'est pas fondé sur le principe des projects mais plutôt des relations. A relationship with a long-term date is available between the waters of the Lake Constance region and the Regideso. Lors de sa visite, il était accompagné par les membres de sa famille, son épouse et son petit-fils Lukas Decker mais également par le directeur exécutif de la SEZ, Philipp Keil. Different rencontres étaient sur leur agenda.

Visit to the Schoenstatt Hospital of Mutumba

Arrival at the Mutumba Hospital of the Délégation composée of the Decker family, you executive director of the SEZ Phillip Keil and the Permanent Secretary at the Ministère des Affaires étrangères et de la Coopération Ferdinand Bashikako a été accuiellie chaleureusement par les Soeurs Schonnstatt de Mutumba. « There is an immense joy in revisiting the Mutumba hospital après 10 ans d’absence. » a declaration to Monsieur Decker in his discussions. We remind you that the personnel are so special that the people of Schonstatt continue to enter this infrastructure that is part of the oeuvres subsidized in Burundi in Baden-Württemberg. The permanent secretary, Monsieur Ferdinand Bashikako, is native to Mutumba and this hospital is also part of the development of this locality. Il a donne l'exemple du protocole du ministre qui était parmi la délegqtion qui est né dans cet hôpital ainsi que l'administrateur de la commune Mutumba. Sours Lisette, the director of the hospital, has a great knowledge of the project of constructing a polyclinic. Le but est d'acceuillir plus de patients mais les fonds manquent et a demandé à la SEZ de leur prêter main forte. M. Decker a été accueilli en audience par le Secrétaire Permanent au ministère ayant la coopération dans ces attributions. The reinforcement of the partenariat is at the center of the changes.

Lors de son séjour au Burundi the delegation of Rudolph Decker also partagé le diner with the Ambassador d'Allemagne au Burundi Dieter Reinl. Ils ont été invités à autre dîner par les amis du Brundi dont les anciens dignitaires, les anciens diplomats, les politiciens, les hommes de l'église, etc.

Partners of the SEZ

Rudolph Decker also visited the Center d’Allemand localisé at the University of Burundi, where different partners from the SEZ finance and the fonds de la ligne de financement works! Burundi. Parmi ces derniers, the Association SAMEDECO (Association Santé Mentale et Développement Communautaire) avait apporté des réalisations de leur project dont des produits d'artisanat.

Rudolf Decker expressed his gratitude to the partners of the SEZ for his contribution to the partenariat and also the service to the people of Burundai.

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