Mindchangers on the DRUCK SACHE podcast

Müzeyen Tasdelen, Mindchangers project coordinator at SEZ, and Navika Deol, Mindchangers ambassador as guests on the DRUCK SACHE podcast.

In episode #40 “Young Voices for the 2030 Agenda” of the DRUCK SACHE podcast, Müzeyen Tasdelen, Mindchangers project coordinator at SEZ, and Navika Deol, Mindchangers ambassador with host State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet, discussed their commitment to Mindchangers.

The focus of the episode is on the barriers and challenges that young people have to contend with when engaging in initiatives, participation and projects to achieve the goals of the 20230 Agenda. The very current question of the extent to which European decision-makers enable the long-term inclusion of young migrants is also examined in the episode. In addition, Müzeyen Tasdelen and Navika Deol provide insights into the structures of Mindchangers, their areas of responsibility and personal experiences in relation to their volunteer work.  

 “With the 2030 Agenda, the global community has set itself 17 goals for socially, economically and ecologically sustainable development. These include, for example, the goals for high-quality education or affordable and clean energy, but also the goal of creating “partnerships to achieve these goals”. One form of such partnerships is the promotion of mind changers,” says Rudi Hoogvliet in the 40th episode of DRUCK SACHE.

Breaking down barriers to young engagement

“Central to this is the collaboration with partner organizations all over the world and also this understanding [...] that everything is one big gear that meshes with one another and that these problems should not be viewed individually,” emphasized Müzeyen Tasdelen. The Mindchangers projects are therefore active in Baden-Württemberg and the five partner regions of Piedmont, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, La Rioja, Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles and Dolj County. In this way, Mindchangers supports young people across Europe to become more effectively politically active as a community. Therefore, one of the overarching goals of the Mindchangers campaign is to address barriers such as ignorance, indifference and a lack of trust among political decision-makers towards young committed people and at the same time to break them down.

In addition to climate change, Navika Deol and Müzeyen Tasdelen see inadequate integration and inclusion of young migrants in European society as a major problem. The competence of these actors must be recognized and integrated into solutions to current challenges: “I want my competence to be denied just because I have a migration background or that you quickly become a figurehead for great integration […] I want it neither. […] I am not just my migration story, I am more than that and the commitment I do is not because I have a migration background, but because the topic interests me personally!” emphasizes Navika Deol.

Through information campaigns and events, Mindchangers identifies precisely these social injustices. The campaign supports change through educational work and exchange.

In the second part of the podcast, State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet addresses, among other things, two topics discussed in the Federal Council. On the one hand, by establishing a new heat planning to decarbonize the heating networks. Secondly, with the changes to the Energy Industry Act and the Soil Monitoring Act. In addition, the draft circular economy in the automotive sector, the European Union's accession negotiations with Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina and the plan to amend the aviation security fee regulation will be discussed.

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Out Now: Mindchangers Youth Declaration

Participants of this year’s Mindchangers International Youth Meeting adopting the “Mindchangers Youth Declaration”; Photo: Vivien Staff

The “Mindchangers Youth Declaration: Appeals and Proposals by Young People for a Sustainable Future – Mindchangers International Youth Meeting 2023, Stuttgart” is here!

At this year's Mindchangers International Youth Meeting in Stuttgart, around 100 young people from projects in all six partner regions worked on the development of the declaration for three days and adopted it. It contains demands and suggestions to overcome the barriers to young engagement - especially with regard to the 2030 Agenda. Young people's engagement faces the same challenges across Europe. The delegates discussed and combined their international experience and expertise from the project activities to draft this catalog of measures aimed at local, national and international authorities and institutions as well as representatives of civil society and networks from the public and private sectors.

The “Mindchangers Youth Declaration” is a strong statement from young people as crucial actors in global change towards a sustainable future.

You can find the English version of the “Mindchangers Youth Declaration”. here. The German version is already in the works and can also be downloaded at the beginning of 2024.


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Philipp Keil and Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann in conversation

A special moment captured in pictures: Philipp Keil personally invites Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann to the partnership celebration between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi.

The most important message to Mr. Kretschmann that Philipp Keil was able to make clear during the conversation at Villa Reitzenstein is that development cooperation begins here in Baden-Württemberg and strengthens social cohesion.

The fact that Baden-Württemberg's connections to the world are diverse and that the commitment of associations, churches and municipalities represent international partnerships in Baden-Württemberg and complement the relationships in business and research was the broad framework that Philipp Keil spanned in the conversation. Partnerships between cities, communities, NGOs and associations enable encounters between south and north and bring people from Baden-Württemberg together with people all over the world. These development policy partnerships and content priorities are in the The country's development policy guidelines which the State Ministry developed together with civil society in a complex participation process. The Council for Development Cooperation advises the state government on its implementation and is coordinated by the SEZ.

Philipp Keil also brought to the conversation a different view of the African continent, of the BW-Burundi partnership and of what development means: that we in Baden-Württemberg, as world export champions, cannot of course live at the expense of others and, above all, in addition to natural resources must also recognize the value of ideas from partner countries. Our world, which is largely influenced by Western countries, has brought about climate change and has not resolved major conflicts to this day. We are currently facing particularly big challenges, which is why new ideas are urgently needed.

Philipp Keil took the Prime Minister with him on a change of perspective: it is a task for Baden-Württemberg to learn that our partner country Burundi is a fertile, traditional country with an innovative youth. That many people in Baden-Württemberg don’t even know about. And that a focus on ideas, people and opportunities for cooperation is a win-win for both sides. Because everyone knows the moment of enlightenment on vacation or, when you walk through your hometown with someone who doesn't know it yet: you suddenly see with different eyes.

Therefore, the invitation to the Prime Minister to celebrate the anniversary of the BW-Burundi partnership together with the State Ministry, the Baden-Württemberg state parliament and the Burundian and Baden-Württemberg protagonists of the partnership fell on fertile ground. As a gift, Philipp Keil brought the Prime Minister a small drum from Burundi, which represents a national landmark and is world-famous. Burundian drums and ritual dance convey cultural, political and social messages and bring people of different generations and backgrounds together to promote unity and social cohesion. The ritual dances and drums from Burundi have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

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Philipp Keil is a guest on the podcast of the Baden-Württemberg state representation in Berlin

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The Future Fashion movement brings together people who have a passion for fashion or are already paving the way for a sustainable fashion industry with their labels, start-ups, workshops, campaigns and educational initiatives. At Future Fashion, we make these offers accessible to the general public, politicians and the fashion world and offer those committed a platform to bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

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