Fair Trade 2024 – supporting program is now online

Plan your trade fair visit now with the online supporting program

At Fair Handel, exhibitors show trends and innovations about how globally fair trading and consumption works in six areas: tourism, sustainable finance, CSR, fair trade, future fashion, development cooperation with the FAIRchange market. From informative lectures to top-class discussions and inspiring workshops, the trade fair offers a platform on which we can create impulses for a sustainable future together.

Highlights at the trade fair

40 years of partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi!

We are particularly pleased to celebrate the start of the 40th anniversary of the state partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi with you. You will be surprised at the places where you can meet and get to know Baden-Württemberg's partner country Burundi at the trade fair.
We're already revealing this much today:

  • There are FAIR costs of the Burundian partnership coffee
  • At the SEZ stand you will find products from Burundi
  • and the sacred drums from Burundi Tambourinaires will be heard.

Experience sustainability

  • Thursday, April 4th: Ceremonial opening of the Fair trade together with the Slow Food fair
  • Thursday - Sunday: Try & find out - FAIR tasting with Burundi coffee, fashion show, film screening and specialist lectures in the stage program
  • Future Fashion shows new fashion, information about supply chains (law) and invites people to participate.

Get involved, get information and network

  • Friday, April 5th: Municipal specialist day “Images, opinions, perspectives – shaping lively municipal partnerships”
  • Saturday, April 6th: Development policy state conference together with the BW-Burundi meeting with a focus on resource justice
  • The state-wide networking meeting of the partnership groups will also take place on Saturday, April 6th.

You will soon find even more events, information about the individual specialist events and the comprehensive entertainment and learning offerings in the trade fair's supporting program on our website and the individual events in our Online event calendar.

Follow us on Instagram @fairhandelnmesse #FAIRTRADE and get in the mood for fair trading with us.


Future Fashion Store becomes SECONTIQUE Stuttgart

Second-hand shopping means saving resources. You can donate well-preserved clothes and purchase elegant and special pieces in the new Secontique.

The new SECONTIQUE opened in Stuttgart on February 29, 2024! There are high-quality second-hand fashion for women and men on two floors. We are giving up the shared shop in the Gerber and moving to the city center, Eberhardstr. 12.

That will change: from now on there will be more space for fashion and events. The Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE becomes SECONTIQUE Stuttgart, supported by the Caleidoskop volunteer center. This will make the new store a social place for civic engagement by interested individuals, groups and companies.

The successful partnership with Future Fashion, the campaign for sustainable fashion, and the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) remains in place and will be continued in the new boutique. An educational module in Secontique also provides comprehensive information material as well as current news on sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.

Further shopping opportunities for future fashion in Stuttgart

On our sustainable city tours you will get to know places in Stuttgart where sustainable fashion is already the norm. This will also stop at SECONTIQUE Stuttgart in the future.

In the Future Fashion Guide you can read how recycling old clothes works and what you have to consider as a clothes donor. We also introduce labels, seals and other options for action that bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

Future Fashion is fashion and education

Future Fashion is the movement for sustainable fashion and conscious consumption in Baden-Württemberg. We show what the future of fashion looks like by naming the social and ecological injustices along the textile value chain and offering a platform for alternatives and networking so that together we can make fashion fit for the future.

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