30 years of SEZ

Together. Sustainable. Act. This is what the SEZ has stood for for 30 years. In this special anniversary year, we look at past milestones, partnerships at “eye and heart level” and into the future.

The SEZ is celebrating its birthday! We look forward to celebrating 30 years of SEZ with you and, in our anniversary year, giving you insights into the successes and findings of the past years, so that we can finally look forward and think about what development policy impulses the future needs. On October 28, 2021, we would like to celebrate our big birthday with you with a big anniversary concert - you are welcome to save the date. You can find the entire history of the SEZ here.

Partnerships at “eye level and heart level”

Celebrating the SEZ's birthday also means thanking all of you: What you, as those committed to greater justice and more global sustainability, have achieved in Baden-Württemberg over the last 30 years is remarkable and a testimony to the enormous power that comes from human encounters can be. The collaboration with people from Baden-Württemberg and the world shows us again and again that we can and must learn from partners from Burundi and the countries of the so-called global south.

Easy access for your engagement - so you stay connected with us

Here on the website and in Burundi Competence Center you will find constantly updated ones news. You can find everything about sustainable textiles with Future Fashion here WebsiteWherein Facebook and Instagram. With the SEZletterthe Burundi Nouvelles and the Future Fashion Newsletter stay up to date on us, the partnership with Burundi and tomorrow's consumption. And also applications for project funding works!or Mindchangers run completely digitally via our new Application portal.

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