Floods in Burundi

Disbursement of relief supplies supports those affected in Burundi. © Niko Zalac / Nidji Studio

"In Gatumba and neighboring regions alone, over 100.000 people have lost their homes and livelihoods due to the floods."

This is how Ange Muyubira, managing director of Kaz'O'zah in Bujumbura, describes the situation. Due to extreme and prolonged rainfall, Lake Tanganyika has overflowed its banks in many places along the coast and landslides have destroyed roads, fields and houses in large parts of Burundi. According to climate experts, the floods are related to the El Niño weather phenomenon and are a direct result of climate change. Burundi, one of the countries that has contributed the least to climate change, is now bearing the brunt of the consequences. Local aid organizations and neighborhood organizations set up emergency shelters and carry out rescue operations. The SEZ was together with the Stuttgart organization STELP At the beginning of May in Burundi, together with local organizations Fondation Stamm and Kaz'O'zah to support on site. “In this catastrophe of unprecedented proportions, we are happy to be working with an energetic organization like STELP. Now it’s important to listen carefully to the local partners in order to overcome the situation together,” says Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the SEZ.

Our partner organizations in Burundi support the population with food donations and rebuilding livelihoods. The long-term consequences of the flood disaster also need to be addressed.

Support partner projects such as Kaz'O'Zah's project, which supports 100 women in Gatumba with cross-border trade to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All donations go directly to our project partners without deducting administrative costs. Please provide your address for a donation receipt.

Thank you!

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You can see a church that appears to be in a lake. A person is in a boat in front of it.
In Burundi, over 100.000 people have lost their homes due to the floods. © Niko Zalac / Nidji Studio

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Fair trade was celebrated at the trade fair

Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the SEZ, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi, Ambassador Albert Shingiro, Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk, Federal Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir cutting the anniversary cake (from left to right). Photo: SEZ/Fotonoid.

Ceremonial opening of Fair Trade and the AMAHORO! anniversary year

This year there was double reason to celebrate at the spring trade fairs: the opening of Fair Trade with a focus on resource justice and the 40th anniversary of AMAHORO! State partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation of the Republic of Burundi, Ambassador Albert Shingiro, traveled with a delegation for this occasion.

In the hall too, everything at the Fair Trade Fair revolved around resource justice. From April 4th to 7th, exhibitors showed what fair handling of raw materials and production in the areas of fashion, food and handicrafts is. Those thirsty for knowledge and those who enjoy playing got their money's worth at the FAIRchange market.

Anniversary cake with the taste of the state partnership

At the opening of the Slow Food and Fair Trade Fair, opening speaker Cem Özdemir and Agriculture Minister Peter Hauk, who, as a Baden-Württemberg government representative, handed over a special cake to Foreign Minister Albert Shingiro, also congratulated. Vegan and locally produced by Café Kuchenliebe from Stuttgart with local spelled and a cream made from passion fruit and coffee, the cake was a symbol of what the AMAHORO! What makes partnership what it is: the exchange between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi.

The offers of Fair Trade

The state development policy conference on the Saturday of the trade fair also dealt with resource justice and the AMAHORO! State partnership and formulated demands on state politics. Fair trade always combines specialist events in development policy as well as participatory offers relating to global learning and thus contributes to networking and visibility of global sustainability issues. In the areas of future fashion and fair trade, certified and tested exhibitors offer concrete product alternatives to fast fashion and waste of resources. Trade fair visitors were also invited to become active themselves: repair cell phones in the Repair Café or create future fashion themselves using upcycling and design techniques at DIY Sunday at the Future Fashion Forum. The new traveling exhibition “AMAHORO Burundi – partner country full of facets” was shown at the trade fair for the first time. After the successful completion of the fair trade rally, to which the development policy education actors invited, a competition offered great prizes from the exhibitors.

Thanks to all exhibitors and participants at Fair Trading 2024!


Fair Trade 2024 – supporting program is now online

Plan your trade fair visit now with the online supporting program

At Fair Handel, exhibitors show trends and innovations about how globally fair trading and consumption works in six areas: tourism, sustainable finance, CSR, fair trade, future fashion, development cooperation with the FAIRchange market. From informative lectures to top-class discussions and inspiring workshops, the trade fair offers a platform on which we can create impulses for a sustainable future together.

Highlights at the trade fair

40 years of partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi!

We are particularly pleased to celebrate the start of the 40th anniversary of the state partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi with you. You will be surprised at the places where you can meet and get to know Baden-Württemberg's partner country Burundi at the trade fair.
We're already revealing this much today:

  • There are FAIR costs of the Burundian partnership coffee
  • At the SEZ stand you will find products from Burundi
  • and the sacred drums from Burundi Tambourinaires will be heard.

Experience sustainability

  • Thursday, April 4th: Ceremonial opening of the Fair trade together with the Slow Food fair
  • Thursday - Sunday: Try & find out - FAIR tasting with Burundi coffee, fashion show, film screening and specialist lectures in the stage program
  • Future Fashion shows new fashion, information about supply chains (law) and invites people to participate.

Get involved, get information and network

  • Friday, April 5th: Municipal specialist day “Images, opinions, perspectives – shaping lively municipal partnerships”
  • Saturday, April 6th: Development policy state conference together with the BW-Burundi meeting with a focus on resource justice
  • The state-wide networking meeting of the partnership groups will also take place on Saturday, April 6th.

You will soon find even more events, information about the individual specialist events and the comprehensive entertainment and learning offerings in the trade fair's supporting program on our website and the individual events in our Online event calendar.

Follow us on Instagram @fairhandelnmesse #FAIRTRADE and get in the mood for fair trading with us.


Future Fashion Store becomes SECONTIQUE Stuttgart

Second-hand shopping means saving resources. You can donate well-preserved clothes and purchase elegant and special pieces in the new Secontique.

The new SECONTIQUE opened in Stuttgart on February 29, 2024! There are high-quality second-hand fashion for women and men on two floors. We are giving up the shared shop in the Gerber and moving to the city center, Eberhardstr. 12.

That will change: from now on there will be more space for fashion and events. The Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE becomes SECONTIQUE Stuttgart, supported by the Caleidoskop volunteer center. This will make the new store a social place for civic engagement by interested individuals, groups and companies.

The successful partnership with Future Fashion, the campaign for sustainable fashion, and the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) remains in place and will be continued in the new boutique. An educational module in Secontique also provides comprehensive information material as well as current news on sustainable fashion and conscious consumption.

Further shopping opportunities for future fashion in Stuttgart

On our sustainable city tours you will get to know places in Stuttgart where sustainable fashion is already the norm. This will also stop at SECONTIQUE Stuttgart in the future.

In the Future Fashion Guide you can read how recycling old clothes works and what you have to consider as a clothes donor. We also introduce labels, seals and other options for action that bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

Future Fashion is fashion and education

Future Fashion is the movement for sustainable fashion and conscious consumption in Baden-Württemberg. We show what the future of fashion looks like by naming the social and ecological injustices along the textile value chain and offering a platform for alternatives and networking so that together we can make fashion fit for the future.

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Project coordination Future Fashion, Fairtrade Schools & Fair Trade Fair


Philipp Keil and Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann in conversation

A special moment captured in pictures: Philipp Keil personally invites Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann to the partnership celebration between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi.

The most important message to Mr. Kretschmann that Philipp Keil was able to make clear during the conversation at Villa Reitzenstein is that development cooperation begins here in Baden-Württemberg and strengthens social cohesion.

The fact that Baden-Württemberg's connections to the world are diverse and that the commitment of associations, churches and municipalities represent international partnerships in Baden-Württemberg and complement the relationships in business and research was the broad framework that Philipp Keil spanned in the conversation. Partnerships between cities, communities, NGOs and associations enable encounters between south and north and bring people from Baden-Württemberg together with people all over the world. These development policy partnerships and content priorities are in the The country's development policy guidelines which the State Ministry developed together with civil society in a complex participation process. The Council for Development Cooperation advises the state government on its implementation and is coordinated by the SEZ.

Philipp Keil also brought to the conversation a different view of the African continent, of the BW-Burundi partnership and of what development means: that we in Baden-Württemberg, as world export champions, cannot of course live at the expense of others and, above all, in addition to natural resources must also recognize the value of ideas from partner countries. Our world, which is largely influenced by Western countries, has brought about climate change and has not resolved major conflicts to this day. We are currently facing particularly big challenges, which is why new ideas are urgently needed.

Philipp Keil took the Prime Minister with him on a change of perspective: it is a task for Baden-Württemberg to learn that our partner country Burundi is a fertile, traditional country with an innovative youth. That many people in Baden-Württemberg don’t even know about. And that a focus on ideas, people and opportunities for cooperation is a win-win for both sides. Because everyone knows the moment of enlightenment on vacation or, when you walk through your hometown with someone who doesn't know it yet: you suddenly see with different eyes.

Therefore, the invitation to the Prime Minister to celebrate the anniversary of the BW-Burundi partnership together with the State Ministry, the Baden-Württemberg state parliament and the Burundian and Baden-Württemberg protagonists of the partnership fell on fertile ground. As a gift, Philipp Keil brought the Prime Minister a small drum from Burundi, which represents a national landmark and is world-famous. Burundian drums and ritual dance convey cultural, political and social messages and bring people of different generations and backgrounds together to promote unity and social cohesion. The ritual dances and drums from Burundi have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2014.

SEZ Board of Trustees

Philipp Keil is a guest on the podcast of the Baden-Württemberg state representation in Berlin

Development cooperation of the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg


Become a Future Fashion Friend or give a post as a gift

Support the Future Fashion movement for sustainable fashion and become a Future Fashion Friend or give a contribution as a Christmas present. For new friends there are sustainable T-shirts from the Stuttgart design collective @sensitiveartcollective (while stocks last).

With Future Fashion we encourage young people to deal with the effects of fast fashion. We not only provide background information and practical advice, but also present sustainable fashion as an alternative. The goal of Future Fashion is to motivate fashion-loving young people to actively support and get involved in an alternative fashion industry.

The Future Fashion movement brings together people who have a passion for fashion or are already paving the way for a sustainable fashion industry with their labels, start-ups, workshops, campaigns and educational initiatives. At Future Fashion, we make these offers accessible to the general public, politicians and the fashion world and offer those committed a platform to bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

For this we need Future Fashion Friends

  • Future fashion will become even more visible – at schools, on the streets, on social media and while shopping.
  • We represent even more ideas from the Future Fashion movement and support young people in putting them into practice - whether it's a clothing swap party, a fashion show or sharing their knowledge.
  • We show more sustainable styles at pop-ups, trade fairs and online.
  • Postcards, merch and educational materials inform even more young people about future fashion and are fun.
  • With the commitment and financial contributions of the Future Fashion Friends, we become less dependent on funding and act together in a more targeted manner.

Anyone can take part: Become a Future Fashion Friend

Individuals, NGOs or small startups and companies – we are looking for friends who would like to support the movement. With a financial contribution, time, ideas or collaborations. Contact us if you would like to become a Future Fashion Friend!

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Project coordination Future Fashion, Fairtrade Schools & Fair Trade Fair

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