Burundian delegation visits Baden-Württemberg

You can see a group of people standing in front of Lake Constance.

(from left to right) Ange Nihimbaze, Minutes of the Foreign Minister, Ambassador Annonciata Sendazirasa, Burundian Ambassador to Germany, Ambassador Albert Shingiro, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation in the Republic of Burundi, Ambassador Dieudonné Ndabarushimana, Senior Advisor and Ambassador Egide Ndikuriyo, Director of European Affairs Lake Constance (©: SEZ).

In April, Stuttgart became the scene of a special encounter:

The visit of the Burundian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, Ambassador Albert Shingiro, together with a high-ranking delegation from Burundi, marked the celebratory start to the AMAHORO anniversary! State partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi. Together with the new Burundian ambassador to Germany, Annonciata Sendazirasa, the delegation visited various stations in Baden-Württemberg from April 3rd to 7th. The Burundian guests were accompanied by the SEZ and the State Ministry. In addition to many political discussions, the program included exchanges with companies and discussions with civil society and municipal representatives. A city tour with a private guide through the Africa exhibition in the Linden Museum rounded off the visit. Fiona Siegenthaler, curator of the Africa department at the Linden Museum Stuttgart, showed Burundian artifacts whose exact origins and their route to the museum are still unclear. The Burundian delegation appeared particularly interested and open to further cooperation during its visit to Off Grid Europe in Pfullendorf. The provider of solar solutions specializes in the African market and hoped that the important visit from Burundi would gain entry into the partner country. A short visit to Lake Constance, the “Tanganjika of Baden-Württemberg”, made it possible to end the trip with a view of the lake.

Political discussions at the Fair Trade trade fair

Within the Fair trade fair The delegation had fruitful working discussions with the Federal Minister for Food and Agriculture Cem Özdemir, the Baden-Württemberg Minister for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection, Peter Hauk, State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet as well as the development policy speakers Catherine Kern (Greens), Georg Heitlinger (FDP), Tim Bückner (CDU) representing Dr. Albrecht Schütte (CDU) and Sebastian Cuny (SPD) to deepen the partnership.

Within the Opening of the Slow Food and Fair Trade Fair The Minister for Food, Rural Areas and Consumer Protection Peter Hauk, as a Baden-Württemberg government representative, handed over the birthday cake to Ambassador Albert Shingiro: vegan and locally produced, the cake from Kuchenliebe symbolizes the essence of the partnership. A combination of local spelled with a cream made from passion fruit and coffee is a symbol of what the partnership is all about: the exchange between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi. The delegation happily visited various stands and exchanged ideas with various actors. A special moment at the trade fair was Development policy state conference, which took place on the occasion of the anniversary of the AMAHORO! Country partnership placed a regional focus on the partner country Burundi. “People and resources are not equally distributed around the world,” emphasized Ambassador Albert Shingiro at the national development policy conference. In his speech, he highlighted the need for diplomatic channels to “agree on a fair and equitable sharing of benefits from the use of resources.”

On April 7th, the Burundian delegation led by Ambassador Shingiro traveled to Berlin to deepen cooperation at the federal level. “We received a very warm welcome and felt at home,” says Minister Shingiro, describing his first visit to the country. It was a week full of encounters, exchanges and potential for future collaborations, which filled both the Burundian delegation and their hosts in Baden-Württemberg with confidence. We look forward to seeing you again – Tuzosubira!

You can see three people standing next to each other and talking.
Ambassador Annonciata Sendazirasa, Burundian Ambassador to Germany, and Ambassador Albert Shingiro, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, in conversation with Nadine Elghonimy, SEZ, at AMAHORO! State partnership (©: SEZ / Fotonoid).
You can see a group of people just arriving and being greeted.
Off-Grid Europe warmly welcomed the Burundian delegation (©: Tom Lunk / Off-Grid Europe).
You see people sitting around a conference table and conferring.
Political discussions between Ambassador Albert Shingiro, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Development Cooperation, and Rudi Hoogvliet, State Secretary for Media Policy and Federal Representative of the State of Baden-Württemberg (©: State Ministry / Franziska Kraufmann)
You can see a woman standing in front of a basket in the museum.
Ambassador Annonciata Sendazirasa in front of a Burundian artifact in the Linden Museum (©: SEZ)
You can see a group of people posing for a picture. In the foreground is a group of drummers in traditional clothing.
The Burundian delegation was pleased about the appearance of the tambourinaires of the Burundian diaspora in Germany at the national development policy conference (©: State Ministry / Franziska Kraufmann).

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