Cabaret Buja-BW in Bujumbura

After almost a year, a Cabaret Buja-BW took place again in Burundi. The focus of the evening was on the topic of partnerships, but getting to know the various partners and the new faces at the SEZ was also an important part of the meeting. And of course information about the SEZ's work over the past twelve months.

It works! Burundi tender 2019 has taken place, it has enriched the SEZ with new partner NGOs. The Corona crisis has led to some changes in the way we work and there are new people working in and with the SEZ in the Burundi Competence Center. “The SEZ wants to get closer to its Burundian partner organizations,” said Aline Dusabe. She has been an on-site advisor to the SEZ in Bujumbura since the end of 2019. “You can contact me directly in Burundi, I am with you.” Aline Dusabe also introduced Raïssa Mpundu, who has been working at the SEZ in Stuttgart for several months.

The partners in attendance introduced themselves and spoke about the projects they are currently implementing and whether they are seeing changes in the communities in which they work. One of the goals of the cabaret is to build bridges between different SEZ partner organizations that do not know each other. And it is a great joy to see that some partners meet again after many years and that new, joint plans emerge.

Around 20 people took part in the cabaret - representatives of organizations that would like to work with the SEZ and those that already have a partnership with the SEZ. They have been working in partnership with organizations from Baden-Württemberg for many years. The SEZ primarily acts as a networker to connect organizations within Burundi and coordinate new partnerships with organizations from Baden-Württemberg.

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Cabaret Buja-BW à Bujumbura: Consolidator les ancient contacts, en créer de new

Après presque un, another Cabaret Buja-BW a eu lieu à Bujumbura en autre. La soirée était principalement axée sur le theme des partenariats, mais il était également essentiel de faire connaissance avec les différents partenaires ainsi que les new visages de la SEZ. Et bien sûr, des informations sur le travail de la SEZ au cours des douze derniers mois.

L'appel à projet beffekt!Burundi 2019 a permis que la SEZ soit enrichie par de new ONG partenaires, the crisis of coronavirus a entrainé des changes dans la manière de travailler de la SEZ et de nouvelles personnes travaillent ont rejoint la SEZ au sein du center de compétence du Burundi. « The SEZ is based on the rapprochement of its organizations in Burundaises » and explained by Aline Dusabe. Madame Dusabe is a local consultant for the SEZ in Bujumbura in 2019. « You can contact me directly, you are also in Burundi » and you can also contact me. Elle a également présenté Raïssa Mpundu qui travaille depuis quelque mois à la SEZ à Stuttgart.

Les partenaires present se sont présentés et ont parlé des projects qu’ils mettent actuellement en œuvre et s’ils constatent des changements dans les communautés où ils travaillent. L'un des objectifs du cabaret est de bâtir des ponts entre les différentes organizations partenaires de la SEZ qui ne se connaissent pas. This is a great opportunity for certain partners to become aware of the new names and the new shared projects in découlent.

A person's participation in cabaret - the representatives of organizations that aim to work with the SEZ and cells that are part of the SEZ. These organizations work in partenariat with the organizations in the country of Bade-Wurtemberg for several years. The SEZ agit principalement en tant que réseau pour relier également les organizations du Burundi et pour coordonner les new partenariats avec les organizations du Bade-Wurtemberg.

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