In conversation with Divine Umulisa

In conversation with journalist and author Divine Umulisa Gashugi © Divine Umulisa Gashugi

Find out how to be part of AMAHORO! in conversation with journalist and author, Divine Umulisa Gashugi. Country partnership has become and what wishes she has as coordinator, especially for the Amahoro Burundi school initiative.

What is your job in AMAHORO! State partnership?

I have been a coordinator for the since 2022 Amahoro Burundi school initiative the Reutlingen Development Education Information Center (EPiZ) employed. Together with my colleagues Kafalo Sékongo, Gundula Büker and Natalia Zumarán, I am part of the AMAHORO Education Cluster! State partnership. We work with various actors in the field of education to make the partnership better known. Our motto here is: learn from each other instead of learning about each other.

To do this, I organize events where students from Baden-Württemberg have an exchange with young people from Burundi. We also support schools that are already active in the partnership.

How did you become part of the partnership?

First and foremost, of course, about my job as AMAHORO coordinator! School initiative. But also about my personal story: I was born in Rwanda and have already lived in Burundi. So I have many friends and acquaintances in Burundi. Before my role as coordinator for school partnerships, I worked with young people from Burundi for over ten years. For example, in creative projects for political education as well as in the areas of art and culture.

I now live in Baden-Württemberg and the partnership is an opportunity for me to continue my work with people in Burundi. I like that it is now my job to bring both cultures together. Every time I am in contact with our Burundian partners and colleagues, it feels as if we have always been working together. Our shared understanding makes our collaboration particularly productive.

What is your wish for the partnership?

My wish for the partnership is of course that it gets more visibility. Unfortunately, schools in Baden-Württemberg are still difficult to win over for a school partnership in general and it is particularly difficult when it comes to the partner country Burundi. Because the country is not that well known and is not a tourist destination for people in Germany. My wish would be that we financially support the school partnership with Burundi so that a partnership with the partner country of Baden-Württemberg becomes more attractive for the local schools.

Basically, I wish the AMAHORO! State partnership to increase visibility and strengthen its work on the anniversary.

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