That was Fair Trade 2024

The AMAHORO! Country partnership at Fair Trade: Group photo with the delegation from Burundi, the SEZ, the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry, the Burundian Diaspora Germany eV (BDD), RC Retraining and Visit Burundi

Resource justice also means “The most important resource is people”

This Burundian proverb should guide our actions, as everyone can do something in their everyday lives for a fairer world. This is the core message of the trade fair - the opening of which initiated the anniversary year of the AMAHORO state partnership between Baden-Württemberg and Burundi.

Around 63.000 visitors experienced the spring trade fairs this year. The exhibitors focused on the topic of resource justice with a variety of campaigns and event formats. This year, at the national conference and at the FAIRchange market, everything revolved around the more than 40th anniversary of the BW-Burundi partnership.

All visitors were invited to the fair trade for fashion shows, music and hands-on workshops, as well as specialist lectures and poetry slams. This year, around 100 exhibitors showed concrete sustainable alternatives for conscious consumption and invited people to touch them, try them out and make their own.

Save the date of the next Fair Trade trade fair today before April 24.04th - 27.04.2025th, XNUMX in Stuttgart.

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