That was the Fair Trade Fair 2022

Together for global responsibility: The SEZ trade fair team at Fair Trading 2022 / Ensemble pour une responsabilité global: the SEZ team at the Fair Trading 2022 (Photo: SEZ/Markus Karl).

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The Fair Trade 2022 trade fair attracted many visitors to Stuttgart and underlined the importance of development policy issues.

Over 80 visitors filled the halls of Messe Stuttgart from April 000 to 21, 24. The Stuttgart spring fairs took place there, which also include Fair Trade with its focus on globally responsible behavior and conscious consumption. After a two-year break due to the pandemic, over 2022 exhibitors showed trends and innovations relating to fair trade and conscious consumption from the areas of development cooperation and global partnerships, sustainable finance and tourism as well as future fashion and future fashion made in Africa. “We are pleased that so many people came to Fair Trade. Through their broad support of the idea of ​​fair trade, they have shown that, especially in times of crisis, it is important to build human bridges for our livable and peaceful world of tomorrow,” said Philipp Keil, Managing Director of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ).

There were numerous activities at the Fair Trade stands that invited people to take part or try them out. In the special area of ​​Future Fashion you could give worn fashion a new shine in the upcycling workshop, for example the Burundian fashion designer Pierre Hardy MWETE with his art installation in the Future Fashion Made In Africa Corner Be. (as opposed to Not Be) or enjoy a cup of fair trade partnership coffee at the Burundi-Baden-Württemberg quiz at the Burundi Competence Center stand. The Mindchangers offered opportunities for young people to participate in rethinking migration and climate change. An attractive cultural supporting program with readings and talks offered some highlights, such as the Bahaga concert or the readings from “Barefoot in Germany” with Tete Loper and “Farman. When our roots catch up with us again” with Paruar Bako.

The political relevance of Fair Trade and its topics was underlined by the visits of several high-ranking politicians and by a multi-faceted offer for the development policy specialist audience. Dr. offered a moving introduction to the topic of global justice. Joy Alemazung, the mayor of the city of Heubach and expert in municipal development policy, who opened Fair Trade with a keynote speech. Thekla Walker, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Energy of the State of Baden-Württemberg, visited Fair Trade and opened it WIN forum. Cem Özdemir, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, spoke at the panel discussion “eco and fair for future” on the topics of nutrition and global justice and then attended the Future Fashion Forum. At the award ceremony for the Sindelfingen collegiate high school as a fair trade school, Sandra Boser, State Secretary in the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, emphasized the importance of fair trade in schools.

A special highlight was that Development policy state conference with the Mindchangers Summit, in which the focus was on young people with their ideas for shaping a just world and in exchange with State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet, who is responsible for development policy in the state government. Other political decision-makers, such as Sebastian Cuny, MdL and development policy spokesman for the SPD, Konrad Epple, MdL and board member of the SEZ, Josha Frey, MdL and development policy spokesperson for the Greens, Gisela Splett, State Secretary in the Ministry of Finance and Alena Trauschel, MdL and board member of the foundation board the SEZ, contributed their development policy expertise in various formats. The topic “Climate Justice in Burundi & Baden-Württemberg: One topic, two perspectives” was discussed at 40th Burundi Meeting The SEZ was brought into focus, among other things, through the input of Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, climate protection activist and CEO of Greening Burundi. At the Municipal specialist conference The participants showed how municipalities can work even more successfully to implement the United Nations' sustainability goals.

The international trade and consumer trade fair Fair trade with a focus on fair trade and globally responsible action is a sales platform and at the same time an information and contact exchange for the industry, for the media, for decision-makers and consumers. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) organizes Fair Trade together with Messe Stuttgart as part of the spring trade fairs. The SEZ is the technical and intellectual sponsor of the event. The next Fair Trade is expected to take place from April 13th to 16th, 2023.

​C'était la foire Fair Trade 2022

The Fair Trade Fair 2022 is the name of the visitors*TRICES in Stuttgart and the importance of the themes of the political development.

Plus the 80 visitors*trices ont rempli les halls de la “Messe Stuttgart” du 000 au 21 avril 24. C'est là que se sont déroulées les foires de printemps de Stuttgart, dont fair trade fait partie avec son accent sur le commerce Globally responsible and conscientious consumption. After a break in the second half of the pandemic, plus 2022 exposants*tes on the presentation of trends and innovations in the autour du commerce équitable et de la consommation responsable dans les domaines de la coopération au développement et des partenariats mondiaux, de la finance et The tourism is durable and the future mode of Made In Africa. “Nous sommes ravis qu’autant de personnes soient venues au salon Fair action. Par leur large soutien à l'idée du commerce équitable, elles ont montré qu'il est important, surtout en period de crisis, de constructire des ponts humains pour notre monde de main, un monde où il fait bon vivre et où la paix règne ", declared Philipp Keil, general manager of the Fondation pour la coopération au développement du Bade-Wurtemberg (SEZ).

Les stands de fair trade proposiient de nombreuses actions inviting à participant or à déguster. Ainsi, in the space special de Future Fashion, on you can get a new éclat à la mode portée dans the atelier d'upcycling, on the coin Future Fashion Made In Africa, on you can, for example, fair the connaissance of the Burundian fashion designer Pierre Hardy MWETE avec son installation artistique Be. (as opposed to Not Be) or taste a cup of café de partenariat issu du commerce équitable au stand du center de compétence Burundi en participant au quiz Burundi-Baden-Württemberg. Chez les Mindchangers, de young participants ont proposé de repenser la migration et le changement climate. A cultural attraction program with lectures and debates offers a series of moments, including the Bahaga concert or the lectures on “Barefoot in Germany” (Pieds nus en Allemagne) avec Tete Loper et « Farman. When our roots catch up with us again » (Farman. Quand nos racines nous rattrapent) avec Paruar Bako.

The pertinence politique de fair action et de ses thèmes a été soulignée par la visite de plusieurs politiciens*nnes de haut rang et par une offre aux multiples facettes pour le public spécialisé dans la politique de développement. Joy Alemazung, mayor of the ville d'Heubach and expert in politique de développement municipale, a ouvert the salon fair action par an allocution émouvante sur the theme of world justice. Thekla Walker, Minister of the Environment, Climate and Energy of the State of Bade-Wurtemberg, visited the Fair Trade Salon and opened the WIN forum. Cem Özdemir, Federal Minister of Food and Agriculture, expressed himself on the topics of food and global justice at the round table “eco and fair for the future” and an ensuite visit to Future Fashion Forum. Lors de la cérémonie de remise du label Fairtrade-School au Lycée de Sindelfingen, Sandra Boser, secretary d'État au ministère de la culture, de la youth et des sports du Bade-Wurtemberg, a souligné l'importance du commerce équitable dès l 'école.

The conference on the political development of the state, with the sommet of mind-changers, was a particulative moment: children and ideas for the creation of a world just outside the center of the debates and on the change of the secret 'État Rudi Hoogvliet, responsible for the political development of the Government of the State. D'autres décideurs*res politiques, like Sebastian Cuny, député et porte-parole du SPD pour la politique de développement, Konrad Epple, député et membre du conseil de fondation de la SEZ, Josha Frey, député et porte-parole des Verts pour la politique de développement, Gisela Splett, secretary d'État au ministère des finances and Alena Trauschel, députée and membre du conseil de fondation de la SEZ, ont également apporté leur expertise en matière de politique de développement dans différents formats. The theme “Justice climatique au Burundi & Bade-Wurtemberg: un subject, deux perspectives” a été mis en avant lors de la 40ème rencontre de la SEZ sur le Burundi, notamment par l'intervention d'Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, activiste de la protection du climate and fondateur de Greening Burundi. Lors de la journée technique communale, les participants*tes ont montré comment les communes peuvent s'engager avec encore plus de succès dans la mise en œuvre des objectifs de durabilité des Nations Unies.

The International Salon of Professionals and Consommateurs*trices Fair trade, axé on le commerce équitable et le commerce globalement responsable, is à la fois une plate-forme de vente et une source d'informations et de contacts pour ledit secteur, les médias, les décideurs*res et les consommateurs*trices. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) organizes Fair Trade and collaboration with the Stuttgart Trade Fair in the cadre of print empties. The SEZ is the professional organization of this exposure. The Prochaine édition de Fair Trade is published from 13 to 16 April 2023.

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