The One World Baton is now on its way

Together with the baton, each municipality passes on its wishes for a just world to the next municipality. Here are the wishes of the people of Fellbach to the Schwäbisch Gmünders.

The baton of the nationwide initiative My. Your. One World. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) began its journey through Baden-Württemberg in Fellbach last Friday. On Sunday we continued from there to Schwäbisch Gmünd.

"When, if not now!? Where if not here!? Who, if not we!?" is written on the roll of paper inside the baton. The baton of the My Initiative passes with good wishes and encouraging words. Your. One World. now by the 32 municipalities in Baden-Württemberg involved in the project.

The baton is a symbol of the one-world commitment of many people in this country. The initiative doesn't just want to bring the actors within a location into contact with each other. Municipalities across the country are also being networked. Experiences are exchanged, tips for successful actions are given and the actors are motivated. The baton stands for community and is a thank you to those who, with great time and financial commitment, courage and creativity, contribute to sustainable development worldwide.

In the past few days the baton has already found its way to Engen, Heitersheim, Straubenhardt and Untermarchtal. Allmersbach im Tal and Ehingen are looking forward to the handover this week.

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