“EZ is dead”

With this statement, Günther Maihold from the Science and Politics Foundation (SWP) in Berlin summed up the current discussion about classic development cooperation.

At the seminar on the future of development cooperation, which took place in Weigarten, Upper Swabia, at the beginning of May, Maihold asked about the legitimacy of development cooperation in general. According to the scientist, she has penetrated almost all political areas and is now suffering from excessive demands on herself. He referred to the international debate about aid and development, triggered by the 2030 Agenda and the associated change of perspective. Maihold called for the dissolution of existing structures and the creation of a global sustainability fund. According to him, the aim of such a fund would be to bring together development and sustainability goals and to overcome rigid departmental boundaries.

In workshops, the participants of the event developed solutions and ideas for a self-image of a new development cooperation.

The seminar series Development Cooperation in the 21st Century is a joint event of the Academy of the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and the SEZ.

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