Digital scavenger hunt for sustainable fashion

The Actionbound tool for digital scavenger hunts helps raise awareness of the complex challenges of the textile supply chain and shows options for action for a conscious, sustainable use of textiles.

As part of the digital Weltladenfachtage on June 9, 2021, the Future Fashion info shop gave tips and suggestions for Weltladen employees on how they can integrate the topic of sustainable fashion into their educational work and thereby increasingly reach a young target group.

Speaker Misuk Choi, Future Fashion Expert and herself an education consultant at the Weltladen Tübingen, presented a number of methods and tools with which the topic can be conveyed in a creative and innovative way. Especially this Tool Actionbound for digital scavenger hunts met with great enthusiasm among the participants. The positive experiences and Future Fashion promotions gave the participants an exciting impulse for their educational work in the world shops.

Future fashion is the movement for sustainable fashion and conscious consumer behavior in Baden-Württemberg. You can find more information about the digital scavenger hunts and city tours on the homepage Future fashion. There and on that Future Fashion Instagram channel There is also further information about future fashion and sustainable fashion. With the Future Fashion Newsletter stay up to date on current promotions, events and news.

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