Development policy as a question of future viability

The promoters of a world promoter program in Baden-Württemberg at the state development policy conference on April 15, 2023 in Stuttgart (photo credit: SEZ).

170 voices for global responsibility: At the state development policy conference in Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg activists met representatives of state politics and put their concerns about global justice on the political agenda.

On April 15, 2023, around 170 people came together in the International Congress Center at Messe Stuttgart under the motto “Develop Baden-Württemberg – Global responsibility begins with us!” They discussed with representatives of the state government and the state parliament what needs to happen at a political level in Baden-Württemberg so that we don't live at the expense of others.

Baden-Württemberg, Berlin and the world

Rudi Hoogvliet, State Secretary for Media and Development Policy, who represents Baden-Württemberg as the state's representative in Berlin, sat down with members of the state parliament, organizations and those involved in the development policy map in Baden-Württemberg to discuss global future issues. The One World Promoters, who are experts in development policy in the country, invited the event. They are contact persons for all people in Baden-Württemberg who are looking for solutions to questions about more global justice. Be it in the areas of supply chains and fair trade relations, how more global sustainability can be brought to schools or what colonial history actually has to do with our lives today. The sponsor of the One World Promoters program is the umbrella association for development policy Baden-Württemberg e.V. (DEAB).

“The state government stands by its global responsibility, its educational work at home, the Baden-Württemberg development policy alliance and especially the ‘One World Promoter Program’, because we as a society will only achieve the 2030 Agenda together. I see development policy as a cross-sectional task of the state government, because we need a coherent, cross-departmental policy in order to achieve serious and ultimately productive cooperation for both sides. The global south needs us, but we need the countries there just as much,” said State Secretary Hoogvliet.

Members of the state parliament are very interested in issues of global responsibility

The members of the state parliament Josha Frey (Greens), Sebastian Cuny (SPD), Tim Bückner (CDU) and Georg Heitlinger (FDP/DVP) were represented at the conference with stage statements. Other members of the state parliament took part in the conference and took part in the content offerings organized by the One World promoters. Questions of global justice were discussed in nine workshops: for example, the global food transition and fairer supply chains, educational partnerships and migrant perspectives on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

“The One World promoters in BW have an enormous amount of knowledge, specialist expertise and skills, have built up both regional and national specialist networks and are in regular contact with them. “It is therefore important that politics and administration, at local and state level, take the cooperation with the One World promoters seriously, call on their expertise and competencies and use them in a targeted manner,” said Dr. Dolgor Guntsetseg, who took up her new position as network coordinator of the One World Promoters Program Baden-Württemberg at DEAB in April and is therefore the successor to Claudia Duppel.

The country's experts for more global justice

The One World Promoters program emerged from the state's development policy guidelines, which formulate how global responsibility is politically anchored in Baden-Württemberg. The program is financed by the federal and state governments. The promoters have been contributing day after day for ten years to implementing these guidelines and winning over both the political levels and citizens. Their excellent networking and specialist knowledge are an important resource for development policy actors in Baden-Württemberg. They are the ones who prepare the results of the conference and make them available digitally so that they can be followed up by state politicians, the Council for Development Cooperation and other actors. From May 12, 2023, the results of the State Development Policy Conference can be found here:

About the development policy state conference

Asked at the annual state development policy conference as part of the World:Citizens dialogue format! The development policy base has the opportunity to contribute their ideas and initiatives and thus actively shape the country's development policy. The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation coordinates the Council for Development Cooperation, which advises the state government on development policy issues and invites people to the state conference.

About the DEAB

175 development policy organizations and networks in Baden-Württemberg, a total of over 400 groups and organizations, form the umbrella organization Development Policy Baden-Württemberg e.V. (DEAB). The central tasks of the umbrella organization, founded in 1975, are to support its members through information, advice, networking, training and the political representation of their concerns to politicians and the public. In addition, the DEAB office in Stuttgart is a service point for questions relating to global responsibility and sustainability. State politics, global learning, fair trade and intercultural openness are currently the focus of the work. DEAB is the publisher of the Südzeit journal. The DEAB is also the sponsor of the One World Promoter Program and the Intercultural Promoter Program. Information:

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