Funding in view: Instruments for development policy commitment and the basis for submitting applications

A seminar for the successful promotion of development policy commitment by non-profit initiatives, associations and foundations.


The development policy commitment of non-profit initiatives, associations and foundations is diverse: They are active both in foreign work and in development policy education work in Germany and are committed to global justice. However, the financial resources are often not sufficient to implement projects.

There is often a lack of information about where and how funding can be obtained. The funding providers, in turn, want to be convinced that the applicants are able to implement their projects well.

The aim of the event is to convey the basic requirements for successfully applying for funding, to get to know funding institutions and programs and to get an introduction to the broad funding landscape. We address, among other things, the following questions:

What requirements does my organization have to meet to apply for funding?
What is a project and what does project planning and conception look like?
What funding sources are there and what can funds be applied for?
A special focus is on the funding programs at the federal and state levels.

target audience
The seminar is aimed at people from organizations committed to development policy, especially from Bavaria, who have little or no experience with funding programs and their applications.

– Participation, accommodation and meals are free of charge.
– Since the program builds on each other, we expect participation on both days.
– The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 people.


Water connects people: The children Romy and Mina from Calmbach with Sudhari, David and Lengaiah in Guntur/India, Luca Haist in Enzklösterle with Mamou Sangaré in Bougouni/Mali, Adam Hammann from Agenbach with Saúl Luciano Lliuya in Huaraz/Peru and Malte Elsässer in Bad Wildbad. Many others share the experience with you: water is necessary for life.

In this exhibition, people are the focus. They tell us their stories and invite us to think and think further.

Water cannot be taken for granted. Water is the basis of all life. Streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and seas are the habitat of a large number of plants and animals and are important components of the natural balance. In the high-altitude towns in today's Bad Wildbad, tap water only came out of the tap at the end of the 19th century. In many dry areas of the world, water has to be laboriously transported over long distances.

Man-made climate change with increasing global warming is melting glaciers worldwide and at the same time leading to the drying up of streams and rivers, threatening the living conditions of people, birds and animals. The consequences of heat and drought can be seen in regions of the Global South. Effective protection and careful use of water as a resource are prerequisites for biological diversity and sustainable use.

“Everything is connected to everything else.” According to Alexander von Humboldt's motto, the exhibition aims to focus attention on people who are concerned about the valuable resource of water.

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