ESD network meeting – talk to each other and learn from each other

How can we enable people to act sustainably? What experiences do educational actors from a wide variety of subject and action contexts have when teaching ESD? Are there insights, messages or examples that are transferable from which we can learn from each other?

The world is becoming more and more complicated and confusing. In order to develop an understanding of social, ecological and economic connections, a variety of different perspectives are required. Education for sustainable development aims to show connections and effects using a variety of perspectives and make them tangible.

With short impulses and exchanges, we want to jointly explore the added value of education for sustainable development across thematic boundaries, make it tangible and mutually benefit from our experiences.

• The fair computer mouse, Nager IT, Susanne Jordan
• Plastic'up, let's do it! A practical implementation of the 2030 Agenda, Cathy Pla-to
• FairLaufen in Stuttgart – digital city rally, Welthaus Stuttgart, Esma Ki-zilaslan
• Together we can fix any thing, iFixit, Adriana Zwink
• ESD in nature and environmental protection, Baden-Württemberg Environmental Academy, NN
• Commitment to ESD in schools, Teachers for Future, NN

Global Learning | Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in adult education institutions


The development policy commitment of non-profit initiatives, associations and foundations is diverse: They are active both in foreign work and in development policy education work in Germany and are committed to global justice. However, the financial resources are often not sufficient to implement projects.

There is often a lack of information about where and how funding can be obtained. The funding providers, in turn, want to be convinced that the applicants are able to implement their projects well.

The aim of the event is to convey the basic requirements for successfully applying for funding, to get to know funding institutions and programs and to get an introduction to the broad funding landscape. We address, among other things, the following questions:

What requirements does my organization have to meet to apply for funding?
What is a project and what does project planning and conception look like?
What funding sources are there and what can funds be applied for?
A special focus is on the funding programs at the federal and state levels.

target audience
The seminar is aimed at people from organizations committed to development policy, especially from Bavaria, who have little or no experience with funding programs and their applications.

– Participation, accommodation and meals are free of charge.
– Since the program builds on each other, we expect participation on both days.
– The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 30 people.


In addition to professional competence, the ability to act respectfully and self-reflectively in the partner's culture is an important success factor for international partnership work. The workshop introduces the transcultural approach, offers impulses and options for action and combines important theoretical inputs with practical findings, including from the participants' experiences and expertise.

target audience: Partnership groups, committed people in Baden-Württemberg, migrant organizations

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Referent: Dr. David Tchakoura

Teilnahme: free

Please note: The number of participants is limited. Places will be allocated based on the order in which registration is received.


We cordially invite you to the 8th nationwide digital networking meeting of the partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg: on Friday, September 22, 2023from 16:00 p.m. to 18:30 p.m.

The nationwide networking meeting of the partnership groups is a digital event series that offers space for networking, exchange and mutual support for the numerous Baden-Württemberg associations, initiatives and organizations that maintain a partnership with initiatives and organizations in countries of the Global South.

For a “real” partnership, many skills are required in addition to personal commitment. Trusting partnerships require, among other things, that there is a willingness to learn and to reflect on one's own position and the involvement in the historical and social structures.

At our 8th digital nationwide networking meeting, WiN-Global – Knowledge Transfer for Global Sustainability e. V. and the Stay Foundation in Stuttgart present their facilities and their partnership work. This event serves to find out more about partnership work in practice, to get to know new approaches to partnerships and to pass on the knowledge and experiences about partnership work that exist in many associations.

This series of events invites all actors from both migrant and non-migrant partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg.

target audience: Migrant and non-migrant associations/initiatives/organizations in Baden-Württemberg

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Participation: Free, online via Zoom, the link for participation will be sent by email approximately two days before the event after successful registration.

The event series “State-wide digital networking meeting of the partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg” takes place in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Development Policy Association (DEAB), regional promoters Heide Öchslen in Schwäbisch Hall, Jonas Bauschert in Freiburg and Sylvia Holzhäuer-Ruprecht in Karlsruhe, Center for Development-related education from the Evangelical Regional Church of Württemberg (ZEB) and the Piela-Bilanga Association. v.

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