“Borderless - Global Learning in Vocational Education” Qualification Seminar I 2024

Are you studying in Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate, Hesse, Bavaria or Baden-Württemberg? Are you from Africa, Asia or Latin America? Do you want to implement the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

Then become active in “Limitless” for global learning at vocational schools!

The qualification series comprises four modules
1. Qualification seminar I
2nd cooperation day
3. Practical unit
4. Qualification seminar II

After all four modules you will receive the multilingual certificate as a “Facilitator for Global and Intercultural Education”.

The speakers at Qualification Seminar I will explain the German training system and show you methods of global learning. You develop your personal topic for your assignments at vocational schools.

Prerequisites are medium to good knowledge of spoken and written German and a desire to motivate young people towards sustainability. Sign up today!

Young talent conference: Current developments in Latin America

The event is a forum for students and doctoral candidates. The junior conference offers the opportunity to make contacts, present your own research projects and discuss them together with experts from Latin America. Participants who do not present their own project are also welcome.

Mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors! Design the learning environment in an anti-bias manner

Children need materials that act like “mirrors, windows and sliding glass doors” (Rubine Sims Bishop): mirrors in which they can find themselves and the worlds they live in; Windows that allow you to see the diversity of the world; Sliding doors that allow insights into the previously unknown and the change between different worlds. This is particularly important for children who are socially marginalized and are still underrepresented or stereotyped in materials.
In the workshop you will receive a short introduction to the approach of prejudice-conscious education and upbringing© as well as insight into the basic principles of the discrimination-sensitive design of learning environments. The focus of the workshop is on children's books. Exchange rounds enable self- and practical reflection.

Cine Latino 2024

It's that time again. CineLatino is just around the corner.
The 31st CineLatino and the 21st CineEspañol will take place from May 1st to 8th in Tübingen, Reutlingen, Stuttgart and Freiburg. The Stuttgart program begins on Thursday May 2nd and ends on Wednesday May 8th.
A good opportunity to see numerous films from Spain and Latin America in the original version with subtitles!

The country focus is Peru.
In this year's edition of the festival we would like to bring you closer to the diversity of the third largest country in South America after Brazil and Argentina! Peru is largely located in the Amazon rainforest. Mostly known for Machu Picchu, an ancient Inca sanctuary high in the Andes, and numerous other archaeological sites of the Inca culture.
Topic focus: Encountering the Andes differently – change in the highlands of Peru
CineLatino 2024 focuses on the population groups of Peru, on the longest mountain range in the world: the Andes. What opportunities do the different generations of the Altiplano have in the face of climate change, marginalization and destruction of indigenous cultures?

Opening on Thursday, May 2nd at 20 p.m. in Stuttgart
The festival begins in Stuttgart on Thursday, May 2.5nd. at 20 p.m. with the film “Las hijas” (The Daughters) by Kattia G. Zúñiga, Panama/Chile 2023, 80 min., OmeU, which was awarded “Best Film” in Malaga. Two sisters on a journey to visit their father make new friends, flirt and discover their sexuality. A colorful teenage life towards emancipation.

Another reference to a Stuttgart specialty:
Thematic afternoon, this time about Nicaragua
1979 revolution in Nicaragua - back then the beginning of a dream for many leftists and today?
A dream of revolution, documentary, 95 minutes, written and directed by Petra Hoffmann

When the revolution triumphed in Nicaragua almost 45 years ago, a dream began. A young generation takes over the government in a country of great utopia. From West Germany alone, 15.000 “Brigadists” are coming to rebuild the country that has been bled dry: Liberals, Greens, trade unionists, social democrats, leftists and church representatives harvest coffee and cotton, build schools, kindergartens and hospital wards. No movement has mobilized so many people. What happened to the wishes and dreams of revolutionaries and their supporters?
Petra Hoffmann, who will be available for the interview, was unable to travel to Nicaragua to film due to the current political situation, the Ortega dictatorship.
For her film, she uses historical film clips, statements from those involved in the trial, but also statements from former comrades in arms from Europe with whom she met in Costa Rica on the border with Nicaragua.

ESD network meeting – talk to each other and learn from each other

How can we enable people to act sustainably? What experiences do educational actors from a wide variety of subject and action contexts have when teaching ESD? Are there insights, messages or examples that are transferable from which we can learn from each other?

The world is becoming more and more complicated and confusing. In order to develop an understanding of social, ecological and economic connections, a variety of different perspectives are required. Education for sustainable development aims to show connections and effects using a variety of perspectives and make them tangible.

With short impulses and exchanges, we want to jointly explore the added value of education for sustainable development across thematic boundaries, make it tangible and mutually benefit from our experiences.

• The fair computer mouse, Nager IT, Susanne Jordan
• Plastic'up, let's do it! A practical implementation of the 2030 Agenda, Cathy Pla-to
• FairLaufen in Stuttgart – digital city rally, Welthaus Stuttgart, Esma Ki-zilaslan
• Together we can fix any thing, iFixit, Adriana Zwink
• ESD in nature and environmental protection, Baden-Württemberg Environmental Academy, NN
• Commitment to ESD in schools, Teachers for Future, NN

DNKT GLOBAL – sharing perspectives for a sustainable future

Is education for sustainable development important to you? Would you like to learn more about global challenges from the perspective of the global south and share your knowledge with others? Then register now for DNKT GLOBAL – a project by DG! in cooperation with Starkmacher eV

What awaits you?
Develop an awareness of global challenges together with experts from the Global South (speakers from North and South Africa, South America and Southeast Asia), network with other interested parties and develop an ESD workshop to multiply the results.

The project takes place on two dates:
Fri, 26.01.24/12/00 from 15:00 - XNUMX:XNUMX p.m. (CEST) via Zoom
Fri, 01.03.24 from 12:00 p.m. – Sat, 02.03.24 until 14:00 p.m. in Mannheim

what do you bring
Are you between 16 and 27 years old, have good English skills and are already committed to ESD or are you very interested in ESD and the SDGs? Then join us and experience three days full of knowledge and empowerment.

To register or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact Sabine, the project manager (Sabine.Scherer@denkglobal.org).

Young Congress: Globally responsible. Together for local climate protection.

The noticeable effects of the climate crisis are increasing with every year. This urgency prompted us to organize the “Young Congress – Globally Responsible. Together for local climate protection.” to bring into being. It is time to become locally proactive - because Baden-Württemberg's cities and communities are at the heart of change.

Our goal is to strengthen the engagement of young people in the municipalities and to build a bridge between them and the municipal representatives.

This congress is a springboard for young people:

raise your voice: A forum to be heard and to have an active influence on climate protection locally.
Learn & Grow: Engage in direct exchange with decision-makers to better understand and use politics and administration.
Designing together: Contributing to real, locally implementable solutions that will shape the future.

The Young Congress offers a rare opportunity for local representatives:

networks: Exchange with young, committed people who bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.
Understand: Find out directly what concerns, hopes and expectations the next generation has for their local decision-makers.
Act: Developing joint strategies that are not only climate-friendly, but also youth-, citizen-friendly and practical.

We cordially invite you to the “Young Congress – Globally Responsible. Together for local climate protection!”

When? February 29, 2024, 11 a.m. to 16 p.m
Where? Nürtingen, K3N

Register now and actively shape the climate-friendly future of Baden-Württemberg!

Additional Information:

Travel costs: We will reimburse you for your travel costs.
Catering: Food and drinks will be provided during the event.
Certificates: We can issue certificates of attendance and school leave upon request.
Accessibility: Our event is barrier-free.

The event is funded by the European Union's Development Education and Outreach Program (DEAR).

Petit Pays – Small Country | Theater La Lune Stuttgart

Memories of a childhood stolen by war in paradise by Gaël Faye, in German and French.

“They steal mangoes from the neighboring garden and jump naked from the 10-meter tower. They ponder the name of their gang, but not politics. And because they have French passports, they hardly notice that a rift has long been spreading through the country. In “Petit Pays – Small Country”, a paradisiacal childhood is gradually eaten up by the civil war in Burundi in the 90s. In the stage adaptation of France-based rapper Gaël Faye's debut novel, the eternal and illusory goal of his dreams comes to life: his homeland of Burundi.

If you want to have the mangues in the outdoor garden and enjoy all the tours in the pool. Ils discussent des noms pour leur gang, mais pas la politique. Et comme ils ont des passports français, ils n'aperçoivent pas qu'il ya une rupture qui beginning a separer leur pays, qu'ils sont menacés par une guerre civile. Mais… ce sont des élèves…
Gaël Faye, rappeur d'origine de Burundi, évoque dans son début troublant ""Petit Pays"" le but illusoire et infini de ses rêves: son pays d'origine Burundi."

Fri. 09.02.2024/20/19 | Start: XNUMX p.m. - Doors open: XNUMX p.m

Fri. 23.02.2024/20/19 | Start: XNUMX p.m. - Doors open: XNUMX p.m

Sat. March 16.03.2024, 20 | Start: 19 p.m. - Doors open: XNUMX p.m
French weeks

Fri. 22.03.2024/20/19 | Start: XNUMX p.m. - Doors open: XNUMX p.m
French weeks

Houédo Dieu-Donné Parfait Dossa, Julianna Herzberg and Theresa Kempf,
Direction & dramaturgy: Robert Atzlinger and Boglárka Pap

Free online training: Reach new target groups with innovative educational installations

A free online training will take place on Wednesday, December 13, 2023 from 13 p.m. to 17 p.m.
Using empirical examples, the event provides inspiration on how new target groups that do not take advantage of common formats in development policy education can be reached cost-effectively.
Everyone who is or wants to become active in non-profit organizations and action groups in the area of ​​global learning/development education is invited.
Registration by December 08.12.2023th, 0711 by email/call to: katrin.pfeiffer@finep.org or 93/27 68 71 – XNUMX.
More information at: https://finep.org/aktuelles/ko…

Film screening “Made in Bangladesh” – Women in the global textile industry and feminist development policy

Details will follow later

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