Sustainable business – networking meeting for a social-ecological transformation of the economy

What does a sustainable economy look like? In addition to companies, numerous organizations are also dealing with this fundamental question. Against this background, the “Sustainable Economy” network was founded in November 2023 - a network and meeting place for actors in Baden-Württemberg who are helping to shape a social-ecological transformation of the economy and society.

The free event on April 05th serves, on the one hand, to network existing members and, on the other hand, is open to all interested actors from Baden-Württemberg who are concerned with a future-proof economic orientation. In addition to a brief insight into the background and goal of the network, we want to use parallel workshop sessions to find ways in which we can specifically advance the social-ecological restructuring of the economy.

👉🏽 Human rights in global supply chains – What responsibility do we have in Baden-Württemberg?
👉🏽 Acting locally with global responsibility: designing the framework for a good life for everyone and testing social-ecological restructuring
👉🏽 Sustainability reporting as a lever for transformation
👉🏽 Barcamp: Free exchange on participants’ topics


Make sustainable action in business measurable!

Today we measure the success of the economy almost exclusively with gross domestic product. This metric urgently needs an update!

We demand a common good product that measures people's well-being: from health and satisfaction to social cohesion and distributive justice to political co-decision, ecological stability and the quality of education. That's what really counts for a #goodlifeforall.

Together with you, we want to develop a common good product in these four days that makes the common good measurable and comparable.

You are invited to contribute, discuss and flesh out your own ideas. Together we will come up with innovative solutions! At the end, we will discuss the result together with representatives from politics and business.

Start: September 07th, 2023 | End: September 10, 2023 | Location: Participation Center in Gerlingen | Meals for 4 days: from €60

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