Fair coffee from Burundi

State Secretary Theresa Schopper welcomed Ernest Ndumuraro, managing director of the Burundian coffee cooperative association COCOCA, to the Stuttgart Welthaus on January 22, 2018.

Together with Thomas Hoyer from dwp eG and Joyce M. Muvunyi from the SEZ's Burundi Competence Center, he reported on the production and background of the partnership coffee from Burundi. A moving film premiere about the production of Café du Burundi told about the diverse work steps of coffee production and the people who make the partnership coffee. Ndumuraro also reported on the many positive signals that come from Fair Trade and the impact it has on many Burundian small-scale farming families.

“We have already launched many joint projects with Burundi in the interests of sustainable development and strengthening civil society. In particular, the fair trade coffee from Burundi makes the partnership tangible and improves the lives of many families there,” explained State Secretary Theresa Schopper on the evening of the event.

Fair trade Burundi coffee can be purchased in many world shops, through dwp eG and the SEZ.

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