Fairtrade Schools workshop in Ulm

Around 100 students from 14 schools in Baden-Württemberg spent a day in Ulm finding out about fair trade topics.

The focus of the Fairtrade Schools workshop in Ulm in mid-October was an interactive Fairtrade course with four stations. This was about questions like: What life chances are there here and elsewhere? Or: Where does my cell phone come from? The third station was about fairly produced and traded food and the fourth was about sustainable consumption in the textile sector. A clothing swap photo box was the focal point of this station.

There was also plenty of information for teachers at the Fairtrade Schools workshop in Ulm. The two teacher workshops focused on the question of how fair trade works locally as well as information on the various sustainability seals.

Pupils from three Fairtrade schools took part in the preparation of the event. These were the Hellenstein-Gymnasium Heidenheim, the Wilhelmsdorf High School and the St. Hildegard Ulm school center.

Since April 2014, schools in Baden-Württemberg that meet five criteria have been able to receive the “Fairtrade School” award. This is how they show: Fair trade has its place here and is lived in everyday school life! 83 schools in Baden-Württemberg have now received the Fairtrade School award, and 43 more are applying for the title.

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