#FairtradeSchools – Schools for Global Justice

Fairtrade schools and committed students from Baden-Württemberg have a new hashtag.

In Baden-Württemberg, over 130 fair trade schools are committed to fair trade. Now there is a new hashtag that makes the young students' commitment even more visible. With the hashtags #FairtradeSchoolsBaWü and #FairtradeSchool Students from all over Baden-Württemberg and beyond highlight their ideas about fair trade on social media. This is how you can Instagram, TikTok and Facebook Find new inspiration and action tips every day that invite you to get involved for a fairer world and sustainability. In the Media Library Interested parties can download flyers, action guidelines and other materials from the nationwide Fairtrade Schools campaign.

Since April 2014, schools in Baden-Württemberg have been able to receive the title of Fairtrade School and thus show why fair trade is needed and how it can be implemented in everyday school life. The Fairtrade Schools campaign offers teachers the opportunity to concretely integrate sustainability into everyday school life and to illustrate how fairer consumption and trade alternatives can be implemented. Since 2021, Theresa Schopper, Minister for Culture, Youth and Sport, has taken over the patronage of the Fairtrade Schools in Baden-Württemberg to honor the commitment of young people to a fairer world.

For the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), it is important that students from Baden-Württemberg deal with questions of global justice, global connections and the consequences of their own actions for people in other regions of the world. At SEZ, teachers from all types of schools receive suggestions and support in implementing topics such as fair trade, global environmental education or human rights in lessons, on project days and in everyday school life.

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