Film competition 5 years of Fairtrade Schools

The Fairtrade Schools campaign in Baden-Württemberg is celebrating its fifth anniversary with a film competition. The starting signal was given in April 2014.

The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) is responsible for the campaign.

The film competition is entitled “FAIRFILMT! Your fair trade story.” The students are asked to tell in the film what fair trade means to them and why it is worth getting involved in.

Students from all schools in Baden-Württemberg that were designated as a Fairtrade School before April 15, 2019 can take part.

The application deadline is April 15, 2019.

You can find detailed information about the film competition 5 Years of Fairtrade Schools in Baden-Württemberg here.

So far, 88 schools in Baden-Württemberg have been awarded the title of Fairtrade School. “I am convinced that we will have a hundred Fairtrade Schools by the anniversary in the summer,” says Maria Gießmann, who is responsible for the Fairtrade Schools campaign at SEZ.

You can find a list of Fairtrade Schools in Baden-Württemberg here.

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