Questionnaire about partnership work

The questionnaire “Reflecting Partnerships” is now also available in French and Spanish.

“Those who ask questions change the world.” Inspiration for new views, different perspectives and aha experiences can sometimes come from questions rather than statements. The publication “Reflecting Partnerships” – which has now been published in German-English as well as in German-French and German-Spanish – has therefore only collected questions to provide the opportunity to (once again) examine the fundamentals of cooperation outside of everyday partnership work to move into the field of vision. The catalog of questions aims to stimulate, provide impulses and impetus. He wants to encourage people to reflect on their own work in order to professionalize and develop themselves further.

This publication was created as part of the specialist forum for international cooperation of the One World State Networks Working Group in Germany. Seven federal states – including Baden-Württemberg – provide promoters who deal with the topic of international partnerships. These collaborations usually relate to German associations that work with organizations in countries in the Global South. The questions collected in this publication are intended to shed light on the many aspects of international North-South and South-North cooperation and encourage reflection. This collection is not exhaustive, but can be seen as a “work in progress”.

You can find the documents in the topic area “Partnership Center” and here:

Reflecting Partnerships
Reflecting on partnerships – Refléter les partenariats
Reflecting on partnerships – Reflexionar sobre las alianzas

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