Become a Future Fashion Friend or give a post as a gift

give away a contribution as a Christmas present. For new friends there are sustainable T-shirts from the Stuttgart design collective @sensitiveartcollective (while stocks last).

Support the Future Fashion movement for sustainable fashion and become a Future Fashion Friend or give a contribution as a Christmas present. For new friends there are sustainable T-shirts from the Stuttgart design collective @sensitiveartcollective (while stocks last).

With Future Fashion we encourage young people to deal with the effects of fast fashion. We not only provide background information and practical advice, but also present sustainable fashion as an alternative. The goal of Future Fashion is to motivate fashion-loving young people to actively support and get involved in an alternative fashion industry.

The Future Fashion movement brings together people who have a passion for fashion or are already paving the way for a sustainable fashion industry with their labels, start-ups, workshops, campaigns and educational initiatives. At Future Fashion, we make these offers accessible to the general public, politicians and the fashion world and offer those committed a platform to bring sustainable fashion into the mainstream.

For this we need Future Fashion Friends

  • Future fashion will become even more visible – at schools, on the streets, on social media and while shopping.
  • We represent even more ideas from the Future Fashion movement and support young people in putting them into practice - whether it's a clothing swap party, a fashion show or sharing their knowledge.
  • We show more sustainable styles at pop-ups, trade fairs and online.
  • Postcards, merch and educational materials inform even more young people about future fashion and are fun.
  • With the commitment and financial contributions of the Future Fashion Friends, we become less dependent on funding and act together in a more targeted manner.

Anyone can take part: Become a Future Fashion Friend

Individuals, NGOs or small startups and companies – we are looking for friends who would like to support the movement. With a financial contribution, time, ideas or collaborations. Contact us if you would like to become a Future Fashion Friend!

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