The church musician Thomas Gabriel (Diocese of Mainz) is composing a sustainability oratorio based on the 5 Ps: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership on behalf of the Trinity Parish Church Choir. The work is created in a process-oriented manner and can be performed modularly and flexibly even when finished and is not tied to a sacred environment. In the first step submitted with this application for funding, Gabriel composes the message of the youth, based on the Bible scene in which the twelve-year-old Jesus disappears during Passover in order to teach the scribes in the temple what they think they know, but what they are asking for don't act. This message will be composed in rap and hip hop style and will be released on October 4th/5.10th. developed in a workshop in Heidenheim with young people from selected primary and secondary schools, secondary schools and secondary schools. On October 6.10th the young people appear in the main service. On Sunday afternoon, the young people present the meaning of their message to the adults (church members, parents, civil society) in the music school. The adults reflect on what they have heard and exchange ideas with the young people. The process is documented in writing, artistically-visually and on video and then published and put up for discussion by the parish, the schools, the Heidenheim “Forum for Education and Development” and the city of Heidenheim. From this overall view, Gabriel will compose the second part of the oratorio in the first half of 1 from the perspective of adults who have gained insight and (partially) purified. The church choir rehearses this part and performs selected songs in a service, whereby the thoughts and reflections expressed are also exchanged with young people in the afternoon so that they can comment on whether their warnings, suggestions and demands have been heard and understood. In a third and final compositional step, Gabriel connects the worlds of adults and young people with solo parts (comparable to the recitatives in operas or the evangelist in passion music). The intention is to also apply for funding for the 2020nd and 2rd steps. The premiere of the sustainability oratorio is planned for the 3th quarter of 4. What is new is the modular and process-based way in which the work is created and the constant feedback with civil society. To date, it is not known that an oratorio on the subject of sustainability has ever been written. The Trinity church choir wants to perform this work at other locations after the premiere. A contribution to the church music festival in Schwäbisch Gmünd in 2021 would be conceivable. The modular and therefore changeable structure of the work is also ideal for performing it in other parishes and cities, adapted to the context.



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