Half time at mine. Your. One World.

Mine. Your. One World., the nationwide campaign of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), is at halftime. Almost 1 events have already taken place since it began on September 190st. Another 180 or so will follow in the next four weeks.

What is the “Good Life”? This question will be addressed at an interactive concert reading on October 2nd at the cultural center in Ludwigsburg. Alberto Acosta and the music group Grupo Sal Duo together present the concept of “Buen Vivir”. Latin American rhythms, politics and society flow together this evening.

The music continues on October 3rd with the “Voices for Africa” charity concert on the floating stage in Heidelberg. Visitors can expect a diverse live program with traditional and modern South African songs.

Freiburg is hosting an information and exchange fair on fair trade on October 5th. The motto of the event is “Another world is possible”.

On Saturday, October 6th, the performance of an intercultural play will take place in the Theater im Spitalhof. The comedy “Oh God, the Turks are integrating” deals with the topic of integration in general and presents Germany as a country of immigration with the diversity of migration backgrounds that enrich our society.

Further events can be found in the SEZ events calendar https://sez.de/veranstaltungen

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