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“What future do we want?” is the motto of the state development policy conference, which will take place digitally next Friday, September 17, 2021.

Invited by Council for Development Cooperation (REZ) Various actors and interested parties in Baden-Württemberg's development policy come together to develop new approaches to the focus on “communal engagement” together and through citizen dialogue. The Development policy state conference is the annual highlight Participation process World:Citizens asked! of the State Ministry of Baden-Württemberg and will take place in the presence of Rudi Hoogvliet, State Secretary for Media Policy and Federal Representative of the State of Baden-Württemberg. The aim is to network and involve those committed and interested in development policy in Baden-Württemberg and to set topics for development policy in the state.

In nine exciting workshops On topics such as responsible business, climate justice, Baden-Württemberg decolonial and Africa in view, participants can expect an inspiring exchange, new perspectives and the opportunity to network with one another. The state development policy conference sees itself as a platform for development policy actors and offers local community engagement the space for “This is what we do” and “This is what we need from politicians.” In the workshop “Youth in dialogue with politics! Strengthening young commitment to global responsibility” from the Baden-Württemberg Development Policy Association (DEAB) in cooperation with Mindchangers - the new project of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry - young people can enter into an exchange with political decision-makers and better help shape a globally fairer future. But questions about international partnership also concern many committed people in Baden-Württemberg. How can the Burundi country partnership be designed in the coming years? How can the partnership with Burundi be anchored more firmly in Baden-Württemberg? And what role does the colonial past play in the partnership? TheBurundi Competence Center The SEZ would like to get to the bottom of precisely these questions in its workshop “State Partnership Burundi and Baden-Württemberg – What happens next?”

Further information and the multi-faceted program of the 2021 Development Policy Conference can be found on the here.

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