Now new: First Hand in the Future Fashion Store

​In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE there is a new area with sustainable first-hand fashion.

In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE there is a new area with future-proof fashion from sustainable labels. From now on, everything in the so-called First Hand Corner of the store revolves around new collections from young designers, start-ups and future fashion entrepreneurs who are rethinking the future of fashion in a new and fair way through fresh ideas and innovative projects. A sustainable fashion label regularly presents itself there with special promotions. You can still get the label there until the end of January 2022 Verdonna get to know that offers fair craftsmanship from women from Peru.

The Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE is a joint project between the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and the church aid organization Action Hope the Diocese of Rottenburg-Stuttgart. It has been enriching the sustainable fashion landscape in Baden-Württemberg since July 2020 and can easily be found in the Gerber department store in Stuttgart. In the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE, in addition to the first hand corner, there is also a large selection of second hand fashion. The proceeds from the clothing sold in the store support the Action Hope Development cooperation projects and educational projects worldwide. Taking place regularly Events, how exciting Talks with change makers from the fashion industry and creative ones Workshops make the Future Fashion Store the first point of contact for the topic of sustainable fashion in Stuttgart.

The movement has been going on for over four years Future fashion with clothing swap parties Future Fashion on TourCity tours and Events People in Baden-Württemberg are aware of the global nature of our current fashion consumption. The aim is to raise awareness among the Baden-Württemberg population for globally responsible action and to build equal global partnerships seit 30 Jahren Core topics of the SEZ. So expanded Future Fashion Made In Africa the topic of consumption around the perspective, who Sustainable fashion makes and offers a platform for young fashion design from African countries such as Burundi and the diaspora. It also offers comprehensive offers on the topics of sustainable consumption and fair trade for other sectors Fair trade fair, which is borne by the SEZ and which the next time from April 21-24, 2022 will take place in Stuttgart.

Next event at Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE

20 December 2021 – Meet Verdonna

Lorena Gerstner, founder of Verdonna, answers your questions about the sustainable fashion label in the Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE. In addition to a competition, the right atmosphere and music are also provided.

Future Fashion Store x SECONTIQUE

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10 a.m. – 19 p.m
Sophienstrasse 21
70178 Stuttgart
Phone: 071162087707

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