Kick-off for virtual exchange series of young people on future issues

In the picture you can see the inscription: Virtual Exchange Series. Connecting Futures. Global Youth Partnerships for chance.


In virtual space, young people from different countries meet across borders, present project ideas to each other, make contacts and work together towards a better future.

The start of the virtual exchange series on July 2 was a significant milestone in the international cooperation of young people between Baden-Württemberg, Burundi, Benin and other countries.
Around 28 young people took part in the kick-off. The virtual meeting began with getting to know each other on a personal level and the organizations that the young volunteers represent in their respective countries. The participants met in speed dating sessions.

The participants represent a wide range of areas from climate justice to sustainable development to sensitivity to discrimination and are involved in their organizations and projects.

What expectations do young people have of exchanges across borders?

The aim of the event was to find out, at the first meeting of the exchange series, which will take place every two months in the future, what expectations the participants have of the exchange and what they need for their work and commitment.

These were the key concerns of the young people: better education, more climate justice, support for entrepreneurship, more sustainability in all areas of life, awareness of discrimination, good governance and political participation of young people. These issues are the major challenges and opportunities facing young people around the world today. How can they support each other in tackling these issues and what other forms of support are there?

How can we work together to tackle the big questions of the future and what other forms of support are there?

During the event, various options for joint projects and their financing were presented. beffects!Abroad as well as the AMAHORO Anniversary Grant were mentioned as a financing option.

As a next step, the young people agreed to meet again in two months to continue exchanging ideas and common projects.

Would you like to attend the next meetings and become part of “Connecting Futures”? Do you know young people who would be interested in this offer? More information is available here.

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