Climate justice for everyone!

“Climate justice for all!” is the title of the 6th Stuttgart Forum for Development on October 19th. The one-day conference examines the topic of climate justice from a variety of perspectives.

The focus is always on the question: What can we do and how can we live up to our responsibility? Speakers and participants explore these questions in 12 forums. Global value chains, migration caused by climate change, CO2 compensation, world nutrition - these are just some of the aspects that this year's 6th Stuttgart Forum for Development will highlight. Students have their own panel in which they examine how climate change affects fair trade trading partners in the Global South. And they learn about the strategies they have developed to deal with the consequences of climate change.

Keynote speaker Anjalina Diana Podder from Bangladesh reports from her own experience about the consequences that climate change is having on this country. Podder is the head of the climate department of the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace of the Bangladesh Bishops' Conference. Due to its location, the country is particularly affected by the consequences of global warming - especially sea level rise.

Since May 2018, Germany has already used up its natural resources that are theoretically available for 2018. And on August 1, 2018, the world's population had exhausted its natural resources. Until the end of the year, we will live at the expense of the people of the Global South and future generations. While industrialized countries are driving climate change the most, the global south is suffering the most from the consequences. Extreme weather destroys crops and habitats. People are starving and many are leaving their homes. International climate agreements and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development aim to make all countries around the world more committed to reducing global warming and stopping climate change.

The SEZ, together with the Service Office for Municipalities in One World from Engagement Global and a variety of different institutions, invites you to the 6th Stuttgart Forum for Development!

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