Climate justice, migration and diversity

(From left to right) Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, Farhad Alsilo, State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet, Navika Deol and State Parliament member Josha Frey at the Mindchangers Summit 2023 at the Fair Trade trade fair in Stuttgart.

Young activists make it clear that climate justice, migration and diversity belong together

At the second Mindchangers Summit on April 15, 2023 at the Fair Trade trade fair in Stuttgart, young committed people met state politics - there they called for the topics of climate justice, migration and diversity to be made the focus of nationwide development policy.

“The earth is our cradle, why are we destroying it? Let's think about them and protect them together - for a healthy planet and a shared future worth living." emphasized the speaker Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze, climate activist and committed person who is involved in the project "Greening Burundi“advocates for climate justice.

To do this, we have to ask ourselves “how we can create more social justice so that no one feels disadvantaged.” – added speaker Farhad Alsilo, who, as a young author, brings the topic of migration to schools in Baden-Württemberg.

Global justice can only be achieved if everyone is included, which is why the topic of gender justice played a major role at the Mindchangers Summit. “Gender should not decide what our future looks like,” says speaker Navika Deol, who is committed to greater gender equality and is an integral part of the Mindchangers Community.

Everyone works together!

At the summit, young committed people from the Mindchangers projects came together with already established development networks, such as migrant-diasporic organizations or the BW-Burundi network. Civil society organizations, schools, universities, municipalities, churches as well as state politics and State Secretary Rudi Hoogvliet, responsible for development policy, were also represented. As part of a bar camp, the content of which is developed by the participants themselves on site, the actors exchanged views on questions such as “What can we do for social justice?” and “How do you strengthen young commitment to local climate protection?” or “Art and Reality – What role can art play?” The participants worked together on ongoing projects, such as the reforestation project “Greening Burundi“, concrete approaches to how the topics of climate justice, migration and diversity belong together as a focus of national development policy. The Barcamp was prepared in cooperation with the Center for School Quality and Learning Education (ZSL).

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