Promoting the psychosocial development of children

School education and education outside of school in Bolivia is largely authoritarian and violence is still omnipresent and socially accepted. Physical and psychological punishment are considered successful means of teaching children respect and obedience. Emotional intelligence, i.e. the ability to express one's own emotions and better understand those of others, is neglected and given little space.
The present project aims to promote and strengthen children's social and emotional skills in order to sustainably improve their ability to develop relationships and deal with conflict.

Agroforestry in a dry zone in the Andes of Bolivia in Depto. Cochabamba

Implementation of species-rich agroforestry plots on degraded, sloping soils in dry zones of the Andes in Bolivia, Depto. Cochabamba with drought-resistant fruit trees such as Opuntia ficus-indica and Pitaya to improve living conditions, secure nutrition, sustainable soil improvement and preservation of natural resources such as soil, water and biodiversity for small farmers without the possibility of irrigation.
Rural women have a particular interest in biodiversity in agroforestry systems because year-round crop yields are possible to feed the family. The project makes it possible to maintain livelihoods in a rural region and thus prevent rural exodus.


Awareness work One World


The aim of our work is to sustainably improve the living conditions of disadvantaged population groups, to promote integral development in rural communities and socially disadvantaged urban districts, and to potentiate and strengthen existing initiatives and development processes.
Commitment against poverty and for the disadvantaged at home and abroad


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By selling products through fair trade, we enable people from economically disadvantaged countries to improve their living and working conditions. Fair trade puts people at the center, promotes social justice and stands for reliable trading relationships. Principles of Fair Trade: Fair Price Continuity Decent Working Conditions Social Security Advice


Fighting poverty by promoting organic, small-scale farming structures in developing countries. Small farmers and family businesses are supported in the development and implementation of agricultural projects as well as in the further processing, export and marketing of their products. The foundation also develops traceability procedures to protect original products from product piracy.


PRO GAMINES E V Help for street children in Latin America Donations in kind Clothing, toys, school supplies, first aid, glasses, household appliances, hygiene items, medical equipment, medication Scholarships in schools, sponsorships Charity: Fianzamt BÜHL 2003 No administrative costs, all funds go directly to the association's purpose to. Donations Bank: Sparkasse BÜHL (bank code 66251434), account number 65557


Our basis is the family idea of ​​Padre Wasson, who founded an international family for thousands of orphans in Latin America. The children are like sisters and brothers to each other. With our foundation we will: 1. Preserve the history and continue the philosophy of this international family for vulnerable children. In other words, working with educators and other experts to find out how communities still function lovingly today. 2. To provide direct and unbureaucratic support to children and adults in emergency situations, to help with their education or medical care. In memory of the specific work of Padre Wasson, for example, we are currently providing earthquake relief in Haiti and are giving the first scholarships. 3. Building an alumni network for former orphans who feel particularly connected to Padre Wasson's work.


The international initiative with Swiss roots is one of the world's quality leaders in voluntary CO₂ compensation measures. With projects of the highest quality, myclimate promotes measurable climate protection and sustainable development worldwide. Emissions are reduced by replacing fossil energy sources with renewable energies, implementing local reforestation measures with small farmers and implementing energy-efficient technologies. myclimate encourages everyone to make a contribution to our future with action-oriented and interactive educational offerings. With this goal, myclimate reaches thousands of schoolchildren as well as hundreds of apprentices, students and young professionals in the area of ​​sustainability every year. Experienced consultants help companies in the CO₂ and resource management business area to identify and exploit potential. Offers range from simple carbon footprints at company level to detailed life cycle assessments of products and holistic performance management. Customers include large, medium-sized and small companies, public administration, non-profit organizations, event organizers and private individuals. myclimate is also represented in other countries through partner organizations.

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