Climate crisis in the pipeline?! –

Together with young media-savvy adults, iz3w is implementing a media awareness campaign about the social aspects of the climate crisis in partnership with Witness Radio Uganda and the refugee editorial team Our Voice. Building digital bridges with media activists in Uganda and creating social media content with a diverse team empowers us to conduct a perspective-rich debate about energy justice with local voices from the Global South and to communicate criticism, resistance and alternatives to fossil energy production. In the case of a local venue, the sustainability goal of climate justice is taken up and debates around it are presented in cross-media formats. A trainer workshop and a dossier round off the offer.

KSJ Student World Shop Project (2023-2024)

The KSJ Rottenburg-Stuttgart, the student association in the BDKJ, qualifies students who want to work for fair trade and global justice at their school. As part of the training, the students learn, test and reflect on both the sale of sustainably produced products and the implementation of smaller campaigns and projects. Cross-school work also promotes networking and exchange between those active in different schools and enables synergies and cooperation. In addition, a workshop on engagement opportunities and an action calendar are being developed.

Encounter project “InterCoolTour 2.0”

In recent years, very successful specialist measures have been carried out with partners from Mexico and South Africa, which have had a high added value for everyone involved and have enabled sustainable cooperation and networking between the partners. The group, consisting of German, Mexican and South African specialists, will be in... Cooperation with various AWO forest homes and local partners (Chloroplast, accommodation for people with refugee experience) carried out. The focus is on the exchange on the topics of global learning and global responsibility, especially for work with disadvantaged children and young people. A game and method guide will be created by the international team for use in the forest homes during the measure.

German development cooperation put to the test – reflection with civil society and the diaspora

German development policy has been repositioned with the change of government in 2021. She wants to work towards socially just climate neutrality in cooperation with countries in the Global South. The guiding principles include feminist development cooperation and fair and ethical (labor) migration. The Federal Government uses climate partnerships, energy transition partnerships and migration partnerships as a means of moving towards these goals. On the Ev. At the Bad Boll Academy, we will discuss in four events with members of the diaspora, scientists and political decision-makers how these approaches work in the countries of India, Peru, Bolivia and the Kurdish areas and what needs to be done from the perspective of those affected .

Raising awareness of the global challenge of human trafficking

The project is an educational and information offering for young people (age range 14-18 years) on the topic of “human trafficking as a global challenge”. It is intended to focus on global injustices, train young people to recognize injustices themselves in order to be able to avoid exploitative structures for themselves and to stand up for a fairer world. The offer is presented as interactive lectures, which are primarily carried out at schools and by a team of full-time and volunteer TJP employees. 

Workshop Meeting Point World – prejudice-conscious educational work in the KITA

Unjust and unsustainable power relations shape our world.
Prejudice-conscious and discrimination-sensitive early childhood educational offerings in global learning can strengthen all children in their identity, enable experiences with diversity and encourage critical and active engagement with global (in)justice. “Werkstatt Treffpunkt Welt” strengthens and supports educational specialists from at least four cooperation daycare centers as well as educational consultants in the design of discrimination-sensitive educational offerings through further training, own practical experience in a project focusing on media work and international daycare partnerships, consultations and exchange rooms. A digital exhibition connects the elements and presents the project results.

DNKT Global – sharing perspectives for a sustainable future

The aim is to empower young multipliers to take a differentiated view of global sustainability processes, with particular attention to North-South perspectives. This involves acquiring background knowledge through the exchange of experiences and knowledge between people from the Global North and South and the development and implementation of low-threshold projects , target group-oriented workshop formats are in the foreground. These are intended to enable a large number of other young people to deal with complex global interrelationships and to contribute to individual judgment and ability to act. The project is aimed at people between the ages of 16 and 27 who are already active in the area of ​​ESD/global learning or show an interest in sustainable development issues and the SDGs.

Climate Stories

The climate crisis is the greatest challenge of our time. However, for many it is still something very abstract. This is different in the global south, where destructive weather events are already shaping the biographies of many people. Unfortunately, these voices have so far received little attention from us. Climate Stories makes the climate crisis tangible by encouraging young people from the global south to share their personal stories online - using multimedia and tailored to the target group, as well as at events and in classrooms. This creates unique intercultural encounters, exchanges about shared concerns and common solutions are developed. The new edition of the Mindchanger project is intended to be optimized through experiences from the previous project.

The migration puzzle

The MigrationPuzzle is based on a card game in which each card represents a stage on the migration path. These must be put in the correct order. By participating, citizens are sensitized and informed about the topic of migration and the game helps to change the image of migration. Through the playful and collaborative workshops, the contents of the game are conveyed and then deepened through reflection sessions. The migration puzzle was developed in France by the Kabubu association under the name “Fresque de la Migration”. The aim is to adapt the game to the German context, train game leaders and carry out the first puzzles.

Development-Peace-Sustainability: Conflict management and educational work in the context of the climate crisis

The project includes a participatory consultation and dialogue process on sustainable conflict resolution in the context of the climate crisis. In four day workshops, actors from the areas of climate, environment and sustainability as well as peace and development cooperation come together to develop perspectives for action. The aim of the project is to support actors in dealing with conflicts in the context of the climate crisis and to work together to develop recommendations that can be used by multipliers for sustainable educational work. External impulse lectures support the process. The project results are available to a broader target group via a joint, practice-oriented publication. 

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