Empowering women in vegetable cultivation and preservation and setting up a seed company

By founding a seed company, Gambia will become less dependent on seeds from abroad. At the same time, due to the location of the seed company's property close to the center, workshops can be held for women on the site and they can be shown new ecological farming methods and agriculture intended as permaculture.
These methods can be verified through a show garden. These ideas should be transferred to community gardens and would help to change current farming methods and establish agriculture that uses less water and makes the soil more economical through its own compost.

Ecological village community garden Bumari / Gambia

Our project goal is to establish an ecological village garden in Bumari, The Gambia that promotes community spirit and increases local food security and food sovereignty. The garden aims to use sustainable farming methods and ecological principles to create a healthy food source for the villagers. The irrigation system is set up with a solar-powered deep well. In addition, the garden will be included in our organic farming learning community, where village communities can learn agricultural skills and learn about sustainable practices. The learning community already consists of 5 village communities and has an ecological “learning farm” in the region that serves as a training and meeting place.

Project for climate-friendly water supply and wastewater disposal

The aim of this project is to improve the socio-economic and environmental conditions of rural and peri-urban schools and students through better access to sustainable clean drinking water and WASH infrastructure in certain schools in The Gambia. WASH is an important requirement for good health and preventing the spread of germs and diseases, including the CORONA virus. This project of groundwater drilling in combination with solar-powered pumps, an elevated drinking water tank and the simultaneous installation of a wastewater system in the sanitary school facilities is intended to meet the needs of the children and students in the town and in the school - with regard to clean drinking water and hygiene.

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