Live Podcast: Future Fashion Made In Africa

Future Fashion and Future Fashion Made In Africa (FFMIA) will be at the Fashion Changers Conference 2021 with a live podcast.

Under the motto “Fashion & Responsibility” the Fashion Changers Conference will take place on October 27th and 28th in cooperation with Fashion Africa Now and Future fashion instead of. Virtually, over 30 speakers who represent a fashion industry with strong values ​​will bring in their respective expertise and different perspectives on the individual topics.

With the joint project Future Fashion Made In Africa (FFMIA), the two initiators Lena Wimmer from Future Fashion and Beatrace Angout Oola from Fashion Africa Now will introduce a change of perspective that focuses on Africa's designers and the prevailing stereotypes about the topic of fashion and design emerges from Africa.

On October 27, Beatrace Angout Oola, Skaner Negasi, Chebet Mutai and Asmaa Sbou will lead the panel discussion on “Trade with Africa – Deconstruct Colonial Trade Relations”. The mentoring session “How To Source In Fashion Africa Cities” with Nana Serwaah Boahene is also dedicated to Future Fashion Made In Africa (FFMIA). The final highlight will be a live podcast recording. The podcast is intended to make the topic accessible to a broad audience and to arouse their interest in Future Fashion Made In Africa.

Tickets for the conference as well as the entire program and a list of all industry experts can be found on the Fashion Changers website.

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