Biogas, solar and wind power: Sustainable energy production in sub-Saharan Africa: Development policy lunch talk

More than 40% of the population in Africa still does not have access to electricity. States and societies in sub-Saharan Africa are faced with the challenge of meeting growing energy needs with sustainable and innovative solutions. At the same time, the renewable energy resources on the African continent are considerable. And its geographical proximity to Europe could also enable Africa to develop into a central player in global trade in sustainable energy.

What sustainable and innovative options for energy production are available in sub-Saharan Africa? Where are the challenges? And what role does Germany and Europe play here? We would like to ask our guests Katrin Pütz, managing director of the social business (B)energy, Jun.-Prof., which operates in Africa, to answer these and other questions. Dr. Philipp Trotter, junior professor for sustainable management at the University of Wuppertal, and Dr. Christoph Hoffmann MP, deputy. Chairman of the Committee for Economic Cooperation and Development in the German Bundestag, discuss it - and with you!

With this event, funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom is making a contribution to making the goals of the 2015 Agenda adopted by the United Nations in 2030, particularly in the area of ​​human rights and the rule of law, better known . It takes place in cooperation between the Baden-Württemberg state office of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ).

June 20.06.24, 12, 00:13 p.m. – 15:XNUMX p.m., Restaurant Nesenbach, Stuttgart

Digital presentation of the second edition of the brochure “Reflect North-South Partnerships”

We are very pleased to welcome you to the digital presentation of the new edition of our brochure “Reflecting North-South Partnerships – a catalog of questions”. June 12, 2024 from 16:00 p.m. – 17:30 p.m to invite via Zoom.

This second edition goes beyond already known questions and also focuses on current debates and potential areas of tension that have previously received little attention. The catalog serves as a tool to question and view North-South partnerships on various levels.

The questions from the catalog invite you to enter into dialogue with your partners, promote reflection in your partnerships and initiate possible change processes that strengthen joint collaboration.

Be there when we present the latest edition of our brochure “Reflecting North-South Partnerships – a catalog of questions”!

By the way, we are One World Active from the nationwide specialist forum for international cooperation and partnerships. We would be very happy if you spread the invitation across your network. We thank you for your support.

Sign in: Please register by June 10.06.2024, XNUMX using the following link:

After successful registration, you will receive the access link by email one day before the event.

Africa Forum Baden-Württemberg

Save-the-date: Further information follows here.

Find out more about the Africa Forum Baden-Württemberg

Looking back at the last network meeting at Fair Trade on April 06.04.2024th, XNUMX: “Change of perspective: Images of Africa reflected in the generations”

Development policy state conference – resource justice meets AMAHORO! Baden-Württemberg and Burundi

Network meeting Africa Forum Baden-Württemberg

Welcome to the event “Change of Perspective – Images of Africa as Reflected by Generations”, where established and young voices come together to talk about the diversity and complexity of the African continent.

Africa, often neglected on the world stage, plays a crucial role in global history and present. Using Afrodiasporic speakers, we would like to take an intergenerational journey through time into the past, present and future and tell personal stories.

We invite you to join us in a deep analysis: How have perceptions and interpretations of Africa changed over the generations? Find out more about the cultural and social influences that have shaped this development and be inspired by the personal experiences of our speakers.

Look forward to an open and inspiring discussion afterwards that will stimulate thought and open your eyes to the complexity of Africa. Experience how dialogue between generations opens up new perspectives and creates a deeper understanding of the complexity of this continent.

Be there when we dare to change perspectives together and look at images of Africa in a new way in the mirror of the generations.

The artist Akeva! Malayika, who is at home on stage with her music 'Pan-African Soul', will accompany the event with songs relevant to development policy.

Date: 06.04.2024

Time: 15:30 p.m. - 18:XNUMX p.m.

Location: Stuttgart Trade Fair, International Congress Center Stuttgart, C6.2

Organizer: Forum of Cultures Stuttgart e. V., Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ), Baden-Württemberg Africa Council

With financial support from the Baden-Württemberg State Parliament and the Baden-Württemberg State Ministry.

Further information about the Africa Forum Baden-Württemberg.

For registration.


Another year is coming to an end. To end it together, the SEZ invites you to a relaxed get-together. We would be happy if you have the time and feel like coming by for a hot drink and a little something to eat. We make ourselves comfortable in our offices and look forward to your coming!

To make planning easier, we ask you to register briefly and without obligation by email to Dropping by spontaneously is also possible.


In addition to professional competence, the ability to act respectfully and self-reflectively in the partner's culture is an important success factor for international partnership work. The workshop introduces the transcultural approach, offers impulses and options for action and combines important theoretical inputs with practical findings, including from the participants' experiences and expertise.

target audience: Partnership groups, committed people in Baden-Württemberg, migrant organizations

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Referent: Dr. David Tchakoura

Teilnahme: free

Please note: The number of participants is limited. Places will be allocated based on the order in which registration is received.


When we talk about discrimination in current debates, it is often linked to individuals or groups. People are portrayed as stereotypes and devalued across the board.

The intersectional lens instead focuses on the structures that lead to exclusion and difficult access to social participation. Some of these structures are not always recognizable at first glance.

You will learn more about the categories in the lecture GenderClassrace and Body, how they influence each other and how they (also) lead to social inequality in a global context.

We will get to know the basics of intersectionality together and then apply it to the context of our own work. How can we incorporate and further develop existing concepts in our work? What is the significance of self-perception and reflection of (internalized) power relations? And how can we combine theory and practice?

About the speaker: Since her master's thesis, Mariella Winter has been dealing with the effects of intersectionally connected discrimination mechanisms. Other core topics of expertise include migration and space, institutional racism, equal opportunities and educational justice in (post)migrant society as well as post-/de-colonial studies.

Registration: Please register using the link by May 19.06.2023, XNUMX at the latest

Contact persons: Dr. Kidist Hailu, specialist promoter for local partnership initiatives,; Vera Dwors, promoter for development education work,

This event takes place in collaboration with the Eine Welt Netz NRW.


We cordially invite you to the 8th nationwide digital networking meeting of the partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg: on Friday, September 22, 2023from 16:00 p.m. to 18:30 p.m.

The nationwide networking meeting of the partnership groups is a digital event series that offers space for networking, exchange and mutual support for the numerous Baden-Württemberg associations, initiatives and organizations that maintain a partnership with initiatives and organizations in countries of the Global South.

For a “real” partnership, many skills are required in addition to personal commitment. Trusting partnerships require, among other things, that there is a willingness to learn and to reflect on one's own position and the involvement in the historical and social structures.

At our 8th digital nationwide networking meeting, WiN-Global – Knowledge Transfer for Global Sustainability e. V. and the Stay Foundation in Stuttgart present their facilities and their partnership work. This event serves to find out more about partnership work in practice, to get to know new approaches to partnerships and to pass on the knowledge and experiences about partnership work that exist in many associations.

This series of events invites all actors from both migrant and non-migrant partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg.

target audience: Migrant and non-migrant associations/initiatives/organizations in Baden-Württemberg

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Participation: Free, online via Zoom, the link for participation will be sent by email approximately two days before the event after successful registration.

The event series “State-wide digital networking meeting of the partnership groups in Baden-Württemberg” takes place in cooperation with the Baden-Württemberg Development Policy Association (DEAB), regional promoters Heide Öchslen in Schwäbisch Hall, Jonas Bauschert in Freiburg and Sylvia Holzhäuer-Ruprecht in Karlsruhe, Center for Development-related education from the Evangelical Regional Church of Württemberg (ZEB) and the Piela-Bilanga Association. v.

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