Made in Burundi: gym bags, camera bags and more

Details of fabric work handmade in Burundi.

Handcrafted products from one of beffekt! Burundi-sponsored tailor's workshop in Bujumbura is now available online.

A real success story that works! Burundi funding 2020 is already the project of the organization Fondation Stamm. Together with experienced vocational trainers, a tailor's workshop was founded in Bujumbura, which produces high-quality products as a social training company. The production and access to secure sales markets give young women new perspectives and independence. In Germany the stylish camera bags and gym bags are available Online shop cozyspeed can be purchased as well as via the Etsy shop the organization Burundikids e. v.

The project is also supported by the Burundikids e.V. association. v. Burundikids has been financing the mother-child home Center Nyubahiriza (Kirundi for “Respect us!”) since 2005, to which the tailor’s workshop is connected. In the mother-child home, the women, who are often very young, not only receive food and medical care, but are also prepared to lead a self-determined life: through their training as seamstresses, they can build up their own business and by selling the textiles they produce Generate funds for their new life or save money for their family.

And the handcrafted products are impressive. This was the demand for the gym bags at the anniversary concert of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) in October and at the stand Competence Center Burundi or on the Pop Up at the Fair Trade Fair big in November. More about the funding program! Find out about Burundi here and off to the Burundi Competence Center.

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