Microprojects for young people in Burundi

AYEI has been a close partner of the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) for several years and realizes strong and innovative project ideas in Burundi.

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Burundi, August 13, 2021: On International Youth Day, the African Youth Empowerment Initiative (AYEI) Burundi organized a competition for young entrepreneurs.

The goal: to bring young people together and help them show their entrepreneurial talents. Numerous creative young entrepreneurs presented their project ideas. Starting capital of up to 1.500 Burundian francs (BIF) will be made available as a microcredit for the three best projects.

Raphael Vyagizimana received an amount of one million five hundred (1.500.000 BIF) for his project of production, processing and marketing of oil palm products. Evelyne Hakizimana received an amount of one million four hundred thirty-five thousand three hundred and fifty (1.435.350 BIF) for her food processing project. Finally, Charles Nyanduruko, whose project is titled “Promoting Soybean Cultivation in Rural Areas,” received seven hundred and seventy-six thousand (776.000 BIF). All three will repay the loan within 12 months.

This start-up capital is intended to enable young people to implement their business ideas. You then have to repay the loan at a low interest rate so that it can be made available to other young entrepreneurs.

In his speech, Diomède Mujojoma, the national coordinator of AYEI-Burundi, called on the beneficiaries of this microcredit to put it to good use because, once repaid, this capital will help other young entrepreneurs.

AYEI Burundi is a Burundian youth organization that aims to empower Burundian youth through sustainable agriculture, create jobs, alleviate hunger and reduce poverty. In 2019, AYEI received a grant from beffects!Burundi 2019 for his project “Cash For Work “. The grant was used to provide micro-loans to the two best projects of unemployed youth groups in the municipality and province of Kayanza in northern Burundi.

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AYEI-Burundi: Microprojets aux Jeunes pour faire face aux Problèmes de Chômage au Burundi

AYEI is a partenaire organization of the SEZ (Foundation for Development Cooperation Baden-Württemberg) for more years. Elle a piloté and réalisé of the innovative projects in Burundi.

En date du 13 Août 2021 lors de la journée international de la youth, l’organization « African Youth Empowerment Initiative » AYEI-Burundi, one of the partenaires organizations de la SEZ a organisé une competition en faveur des young entrepreneurs.

But it is a breed of young people and assistants to discover the talents of entrepreneurs. Three of the best projects are eligible for micro-credits on the selected selections, so the candidates receive a credit of 500 milles à un million cinq cent mille francs Burundais. Raphael Vyagizimana has a project for production, transformation and commercialization of palm oil products and is worth a million cents francs (BIF 1.500.000). Evelyne Hakizimana dans son de transformation agro-alimentaire a reçu a somme d’un million quatre cent trente-cinq mille trois cent cinquante francs bu (1.435.350BIF). Enfin Charles Nyanduruko dont the project is intitulé «Promotion of the culture of soy in rural milieu» a reçu sept cent septante six mille francs bu (776.000BIF). All three of you will receive credit in a delivery of 12 months.

C'est dans le cadre d'aider les jeunes à trouver le capital pour mettre en œuvre les idées entrepreneuriales mais ils doivent rembourser ce crédit avec un léger intérêt. Diomède Mujojoma the Coordonneur national de AYEI-Burundi dans son discours a exhorté les bénéficiaires de ce micro crédit de bien l'utiliser car ce capital va aider aux other young entrepreneurs après avoir été remboursé. AYEI Burundi is a youth organization in Burundais with the objects of responsibility for the youth of Burundaise à travers l'agriculture durable comme moyen de creation d'emploi, atténuer la faim et réduire la pauvreté a reçu une subsidy de beffects!Burundi 2019 for son project “Cash For Work“. This can also be used for a micro-credit in two of the best projects of the group of young people in the municipality and province of Kayanza in the North of Burundi. These projects are available for objectification of the culture of the pomme de terre and the other part of the education of the poules pondeuses. The somme octroyé is between six million cinq cent mille Francs Bu (6.500.000BIF) and this million cinq cent mille Francs Bu (8.500.000BIF) for the project that is delivered in 24 mensualités.

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