New: Handbook on local development policy

The “Handbook on Municipal Development Policy” is a guideline with many practical examples for municipalities. It was created in cooperation by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) and the Baden-Württemberg City Council.

The handbook contains 140 pages of information on the topic of sustainability, local development policy, guidelines for your own actions and best practices from municipalities across the country, as well as addresses of contact and contact points. The handbook shows that municipal development policy is more than just partnership work and that it has many interfaces with traditional municipal areas. With its many examples, the handbook encourages action and shows many ways to make communities more “suitable for grandchildren”.

The 2030 Agenda with its 17 sustainable development goals addresses municipalities directly with Development Goal 11. It is a call to make cities and communities more sustainable. Municipal development policy has always been an essential element for the SEZ's partnership work.

“For us, development policy begins right on our doorstep, i.e. in the community. The Baden-Württemberg Association of Cities is a very important partner for us because it has a direct line to the municipalities,” says Philipp Keil, the managing director of the SEZ. “We bring our experience and knowledge from our many years of work in development policy and development cooperation. This is the perfect combination to address global responsible action in the municipality.”

You can read the “Handbook on Municipal Development Policy”. download here.

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