Noeli Nziza! A Burundian Christmas concert

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The SEZ Burundi Competence Center celebrated its end to the Christmas season with music and human encounters at Noeli Nziza.

Noeli Nziza!

The SEZ’s Burundi Competence Center celebrated the last event of the year on December 15, 2021 with music and human encounters. The meeting too Noeli Nziza (Kirundi for Merry Christmas) is “actually” a personal meeting, staying together, exchanging ideas, being together, looking back and looking forward. Due to the pandemic, the celebration took place virtually this year. At the end of the year together with Visage Artistique du Burundi (VAB), the Burundian musicians Gérard Ndikubwayo and Vania ICE gave a concert in Bujumbura. The consultant from the Burundi Competence Center in Bujumbura, Aline Dusabe, was also there and opened the evening with a welcoming speech.

Thanks to a live stream, the concert could not only be followed on site in Bujumbura, but also live by people from Burundi, Baden-Württemberg and all over the world in the web stream. If you didn't have time to attend Noeli Nziza live, we cordially invite you to watch the concert here:

We wish you a nice, musical end to the year and look forward to the coming year!

Noeli Nziza!

On December 15, 2021, the Center de Compétence Burundi de la SEZ celebrated the anniversary of the anniversary in music and meetings. The meeting of NOELI NZIZA is “in effect” a meeting between interpersonal subjects: a moment of détente, d’échange, d’être ensemble, de rétrospective et d’anticipation. Currently, it is impossible to maintain this event in response to the pandemic, but no one decides to organize a virtual concert and to schedule the annual ensemble. In collaboration with Visage Artistique du Burundi (VAB), a virtual concert en direct de Bujumbura s’est tenu with les deux musiciens Burundais Gérard Ndikubwayo and Vania ICE. The consultant of the Center de Compétence du Burundi de la SEZ à Bujumbura, Aline Dusabe, était également sur place et a prononcé le mot de bienvenue.

Thanks to a livestream, the concert is now available non-stop in Bujumbura, but also directly to the people of Burundi, Baden-Württemberg and the world via the webstream. If you don't have time to assist at Noeli Nziza's concert, you will receive invitations from the audience:

Nous vous souhaitons une belle fin d'année en musique et nous réjouissons de l'année à venir !

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