Future Fashion is the new movement for sustainable textiles and conscious consumer behavior in Baden-Württemberg. It was initiated last year by the Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ). Many events will take place under their roof in the coming weeks. Clothes swap parties, an exhibition, future fashion experts, city tours and the Fair Trade trade fair at the beginning of April are intended to shake things up, illustrate alternatives to fast fashion and show that everyone can change the world with their own consumer behavior.

Stuttgart/Baden-Württemberg, March 15, 2018: “Many people in Baden-Württemberg know little about the value of their clothing. They don't know that the production of a single pair of jeans uses around 7.000 liters of water. Or that on average only one percent of the purchase price for a t-shirt goes to the workers who made the t-shirt,” says Philipp Keil, the managing director of the SEZ, about the background of the Future Fashion movement. There is still too little focus on the fact that it is people who all too often sit at sewing machines under extremely difficult conditions and health hazards so that we can buy fashion here at extremely cheap prices. “Ultimately, we want to show that through the consumption of our textiles we all automatically have relationships with many other people, mostly in countries in the Global South. “We therefore have a responsibility that we must draw attention to,” explains Philipp Keil.


How does the SEZ do it?  

Regular events take place under the Future Fashion umbrella to raise awareness of sustainable fashion consumption. Above all, the Fair Trade fair. It will take place for the tenth time at Messe Stuttgart from April 5th to 8th, 2018 and is the most important trade and consumer trade fair for fair trade and globally responsible action. This year the focus will be on the topic of future fashion. Around 30 exhibitors from the fashion sector and a supporting program with many experts on the topic are intended to educate and show that sustainability and fashion awareness are not mutually exclusive.

Future Fashion also includes regular clothing swap parties, city tours and the traveling exhibition “The life & struggle of garment workers” with images by award-winning photographer Taslima Akhter from Bangladesh.

In cooperation with the BW development policy umbrella organization (DEAB), the SEZ offers training to become future fashion experts. For example, they advocate conscious and sustainable textile and fashion consumption in Baden-Württemberg at schools and universities.


Upcoming events at a glance:

March 17, 2018, from 10 a.m.: Future Fashion exchange frenzy at the Stuttgart Adult Education Center. Here clothes are exchanged instead of thrown away.

March 17, 2018, at 11 a.m. and 14 p.m.: Future Fashion on Tour – tour in Stuttgart. The starting point is the Stuttgart Adult Education Center. The tour takes a closer look at your own textile consumption and its effects. Places in Stuttgart are visited that are directly related to the production, use and recycling of our clothing.


April 05th - 08th, 2018, Future Fashion at the Fair Trade Fair 2018. The Fair Trade trade fair takes up the topic with the special area Future Fashion. It shows that sustainably produced fashion is modern, chic and trend-conscious. The trade fair is intended to create awareness of textile value chains and sustainable textile consumption and to show offers and practical options for action in a holistic, transparent, sustainable and ecological textile sector.


April 25 and June 24, 2018, Future Fashion on Tour – tour in Stuttgart. Dates and locations will be announced later.

About the SEZ:
The Baden-Württemberg Development Cooperation Foundation (SEZ) wants to sensitize the population of Baden-Württemberg for globally responsible action and show how everyone can do something for a fairer world. It looks back on 27 years of foundation history. The main topics are fair trade, partnerships between people in Baden-Württemberg and people in the countries of the Global South, global learning and responsible corporate management (CSR).


Press contact:
Katharina Hollaus, SEZ, Tel.: 0711 / 2 10 29-40, Email: hollaus@sez.de


Further information:




Images of the Future Fashion movement
The logo of the Future Fashion movement
Images of the Future Fashion movement
Images of the Future Fashion movement
Future Fashion at the Fair Trade trade fair
Future Fashion at the Fair Trade trade fair

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