Prof. Dr. Auma on criticism of colonialism

The 9th digital networking meeting of the partnership groups took place on November 17.11.2023th, XNUMX with Prof. Dr. Maisha-Maureen Auma as a source of inspiration.

In her impressive lecture, Prof. Dr. Auma that the Global South continues to be marginalized. One consequence: actors from these regions often enter into partnerships that are largely determined by the Global North. This reinforces the unequal distribution of power and continues to perpetuate it. Prof. Auma also emphasized that coloniality consists, among other things, of the fact that worldwide knowledge, progress and interpretation of social reality are viewed from a white-centric perspective. As a result, the perspectives and knowledge of people from the Global South are underrepresented and even erased. During the course of the lecture it became clear that West-centric and white-centric structures must be broken down. According to Prof. Dr. Auma partnership does not mean that only those affected by colonialism do the work, but white people must also start to deal with the uncomfortable issues. An important step in enabling shared discussions about inevitable and difficult topics is to promote a multi-perspective view. It is crucial to identify places of reproduction such as museums, mainstream media and schools and to create new spaces for reflection on power relations. This opens up the possibility of designing partnerships in such a way that the knowledge and experiences of historically marginalized and colonized people from the Global South are actively included. This approach opens doors to more inclusive forms of collaboration and enables the creation of a more balanced, diverse and equitable global partnership landscape.

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Prof. Dr. Maisha Maureen Auma is an educational scientist and gender researcher. She is currently a visiting professor for intersectional diversity studies at the Center for Interdisciplinary Women's and Gender Studies at the Technical University of Berlin. Her research focuses on diversity in educational materials in East and West Germany, sexual education empowerment for black people and people of color in Germany, critical whiteness research, anti-blackness, childhood research, intersectionality in the context of critical race theory and criticism of racism. She has been active in the black feminist self-organization Generation ADEFRA, Black Women* in Germany, since 1993.


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